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Fitz serves as race announcer (host) for some of the largest and most prestigious endurance events in America. From the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, to the Big Sur Marathon, the Buffalo Marathon and more, Fitz travels the country to organize, engage, entertain, inform and excite athletes as she launches each race and welcomes every participant through their finish line making sure each and every one of them feels like a champion. She hosts small to large races, triathlons, cycling events, OCRs, kids races, VIP parties and expos.

Fitz’s Previous and Recurring Races and Events Include:

Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

Big Sur Marathon

Buffalo Marathon

San Diego Half Marathon

OC Marathon

Long Beach Marathon

Battle at Sea

Surfing Madonna

Monterey Bay Half Marathon

St. Pete Run Fest

Carlsbad Marathon

Detroit Women’s Half & 5K

BattleFrog Obstacle Course Races

Dirty Girl Mud Runs

Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5K

Encinitas Half Marathon

Tri Goddess Triathlon

Santa Monica Classic

Ann Arbor Marathon

LA Big 5 5K

Carlsbad 5000

Click here for Fitz’s event calendar. 

Clinician and Sport Performance Specialist. When making the journey to host events, Fitz makes time to teach clinics which allows each athlete to leave their event smarter and better prepared to succeed than they were when they arrived. Fitz has a long history of training both elite and amateur athletes from all disciplines in over a dozen countries around the world. Of note, Fitz was a conditioning coach for USA Soccer Star Abby Wambach’s team when she won the NCAA Division 1 National Soccer Championship at the University of Florida. Fitz has also trained collegiate national championship tennis teams, fighters, football, baseball, basketball players and more. Fitz understands how an athlete’s body needs to function for competition and is skilled at taking them to their next level of peak performance. Strength, endurance, speed, mobility, balance, explosiveness, athleticism and skill. Both low level and high level athletes should understand and train for these elements of sports and fitness.

Top Presentations for Runners

● Strength Training for Runners

● Pain Prevention and Management for Runners

● How to Achieve your Ideal Weight while Training for Endurance Racing (It’s an

annoying secret that many runners, cyclists and swimmers gain weight while

training for big races. ).

● Race, Fails, Fun and Motivation – a comedic presentation on Fitz’s funny race

flubs along with those from other runners, paired with some solid race-prep and

race-day pointers.

To inquire about Fitz announcing your race or hosting your event, email Fitzness@live.com.