When we exercise, we know that what we wear can make a huge difference to our performance. If we are not feeling comfortable, we won’t have the potential to unlock our full capabilities- especially if our garments are actually restricting us.

Proper Footwear

There are different shoes created for different forms of sport. The original Converse shoes were made with basketball in mind, and there are hundreds of different companies trying to come up with what is aesthetically and ergonomically the best shoe for every other sport. Running, for example, has a wide variety of shoe styles and support systems available, and so does football.  You can even find shoes designed specifically for crossfit – http://www.crosstraininglife.com/best-cross-training-shoes/. So with that in mind, it’s important that you are selecting the right shoe for the exercise that you’re doing. Your feet are important and need to be taken care of, especially since your feet constantly bear the weight of your body during most activities. If there is one thing that you are thinking about investing in, chances are that your money should be going on the shoes.

The Right Fit

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something that isn’t your size when you’re not exercising, what would make you think that it’s okay to do so when you are? Many people choose clothes that are oversized for comfort or to try and hide their perceived body flaws. But too-large clothes can get in the way or pose hazards. On the flip side, some folks buy leggings or tank tops that are too tight, in order to try and achieve the SPANX effect. Too-tight clothing will make you uncomfortable and certainly won’t lead to a fully effective workout. Just buy apparel that fits you properly and comes in colors or styles you feel good about for the body you have right now. These choices will lead to more intense workouts and greater progress with your actual physique. 

The Breathable Fabric

Technology and innovation has allowed manufacturers to create apparel that feels good, wicks away sticky sweaty, minimizes stink and protects us from the sun. This “performance apparel” is certainly something worth finding and investing in. There are a ton of choices to cater to your particular needs, with examples at http://www.shape.com/fitness/clothes/10-fitness-fabrics-explained. Decide what you want out of your workout, think about how your clothing has affected you negatively or positively in the past, and make some great choices for the future!

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