Something that we can all agree on is that staying fit can often be a heady mixture of enjoyable and monotonous. While a fitness center is always a great choice, getting outside to do things that are fun and feel more like exploration or adventure might just inspire you to action. Take to the land or sea to actually get moving and go somewhere while burning some calories and increasing your endurance. 



This first one really is a classic which can be done almost anywhere in the world. All you need is a good pair of running shoes, and possibly a sports bra, and you’re ready to go.  Suck in the fresh air, while experiencing new and familiar places, sidewalks, roads, parks and woodsy paths.  Check out these running techniques, to see which works best for you. Run for time, distance or stress relief. Every step is yours, so make the choices that feel best to you!



If you like jogging, then there is a good chance that you will really get a kick out of parkour.  Also known as free running, this is a form of exercise that originated in the French town of Parkour, and it’s basically the act of running and jumping from everyday objects around your neighborhood. It is typically seen as a strictly urban experience, but you can get into this no matter what your hometown is like. Part of the job of parkour is that there are no rules as such – you just run as you would like to, and feel the benefits at the same time. However, there are particular routines and exercises for those who like a bit of structure in their exercise. You can find more parkour games here: if you are interested in this craze.


Rowing is a fantastic workout! It is famously great for your upper body, but it actually comes close to almost a total-body workout. You may be surprised by how much effort your lower body and core muscles must engage to during this sport. If you love the water, fresh or salt, getting in a boat to row, row, row might just be what the doctor ordered!