Denzel Washington. — Photo by John Russo/Corbis Outline

The June/July issue of AARP The Magazine hits stands Thursday, May 24th  and Denzel Washington is the sizzling cover star. As part of AARP’s first-ever “Men on Fire” list celebrating 21 sexy stars who have proved that like fine wine, Denzel Washington, James Brolin, Liam Neeson, John Bon Jovi and many other men get better with age. Check out these quotes from some of the best looking more “mature” men we all know. Visit the full list here.


On his diet:

“I cannot pass an Arby’s or Taco Bell without swerving into the parking lot. I see folks who read the content label on a piece of chocolate. I don’t want to live that way. Eating mashed yeast and potting soil is not my idea of a fulfilling meal.”

On his grooming regimen:

“It consists of a disposable razor in the morning, and later, on set, our guy slaps me with makeup, and I just hope I don’t have a clump of hair sticking up.”

On aging:

“All guys wake up and expect to see an 18-year-old in the mirror. Lately, the guy I see looks a heck of a lot more like my late father, but there’s nothing you can do about it! Just live your life and realize it may be true that the only guy who really looks good with three days’ growth is George Clooney.”


On the benefits of environmental work:

“I spend a lot of my time, often with my children, in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes—kayaking in Chile, camping all over the United States.”


“Stress can take years off your life. I don’t get rattled about many things.”

“She thinks everything has to get done right now. My theme is, ‘What’s your hurry?’

– Brolin on his wife of 14 years, Barbra Streisand.


On aging well:

Your inner strength is as important as your outer strength.”


On his Playgirl cover:

“I’d been this guy on Quantum Leap, and I thought I’d mix it up a bit. If I’d posed naked, I would have regretted it, but happily I didn’t.”

“There are a lot of guys who are more famous and more good-looking than I am. They’re the sex symbols.”


On pressure to look younger:

I’m a little bald, but I don’t think the pressure is just a Hollywood thing. It’s a social thing.”

On staying in shape:

I work out every morning, and when I’m finished, the first thing I put in my body is white tea. Everything is about balance.”


“Denzel’s mystique is that he projects self-confidence,”

“You see his performances and know you’re looking at a grounded person.”

–Don Cheadle, his costar in Flight


“His look is ageless—it was even when he was young.”

“He doesn’t need hair—and there aren’t many men you can describe that way.”

“He’s got so many personas, yet he’s always Sam: a down-to earth guy who can stop a crowd.”

— Kasi Lemmons, director of Caveman’s Valentine and Eve’s Bayou


“I was obsessed in junior high with a certain pair of leather pants he wore, but it’s actually Jon’s brain that makes him sexy. It also doesn’t hurt that when he smiles, he lights up the room.”

— Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles


“Liam is very manly onscreen.”

“He’s like a mountain. He doesn’t have to use a lot of words; he just has to be there.”

“He’s got the look that says he’s got more hidden inside.”

— Olivier Megaton, director of Taken 2


On what makes a person sexy:

It’s deportment, comportment, grace, spunk, and character. Age is not a factor.”

On his best feature:

Probably my mischievousness. I can’t stay serious for too long. I’m basically up to no good.”


On using his looks to his advantage:

“I’m trying to demonstrate science in a very exciting but truthful way for the public. If you can communicate well, and your looks help to inspire young people, then use them.”


On staying youthful:

“I’m almost 60, going on 6. I look outside and think, ‘What mountain can I climb? How fast can I go?’ ”