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Alison Sweeney, host of The Biggest Loser and star of Days of Our Lives,  is currently training for the L.A. Marathon in March and has a few tricks to keep her life organized, manageable and healthy all at the same time. In the November/December issue of FITNESS, Allison dishes on which Biggest Loser trainer, past or present she’d pick to whip her into shape, her family plans for the holidays and what’s next for The Biggest Loser.

If you could have any Biggest Loser trainer, past or present, join you in the gym, who would you pick and why?
“I’ve worked out with both Bob and Jillian separately. Together they’d kill me! Jillian mopped the floor with me in the gym, and I take Bob’s spin class. He really raises the bar and pushes me to a new level. I can hear him in my head pushing me to push harder even when he’s not there! I totally understand the contestants on the show when they say, “I’m always thinking ‘what would Bob do?'”

What would be your ideal challenge if you were competing on a reality show? “I love the high-flying challenges on The Biggest Loser. I’m a bit of a daredevil!”

If you were a contestant on Loser, how would you do? “I’m an extremely competitive person. I have to believe I’d make it all the way to the end.”
Can you give us any scoop about the rest of the current season of Biggest Loser and what we can expect next season? “Next week’s episode is the marathon—all of the eliminated contestants are returning to take on the challenge and celebrate their achievements. Anna has been great for the show this season. [Anna Kournikova has announced that this season will be her last.] Bob and Dolvett have a great understanding of the contestants and the season filming now has been an exciting one so far!”

So we can expect to see Dolvett again? “Yes, Dolvett is going to be back.”

Most important things she’s learned from Bob and Jillian: “As women we tend to downplay our achievements, but Jillian taught me to celebrate them. Bob showed me that I could do more than I thought.”

What she’s learned from her husband and kids: “My husband Dave, taught me not to tie my self-worth to what I eat. Women attach all these emotions to a plate. Men don’t. I also love that my kids will wear themselves out. They’ll stay in the bouncy house until they’re drenched in sweat ad I drag them out. Adults too often just sit on the sofa and watch TV.”

Alison on staying fit during the holidays: “It’s really important to find a workout that you can do with no excuses. And I keep track of my nutrition. With so many treats around, it’s really easy to just pop brownies without thinking about it! You may not even be hungry. I also eat before going to parties so I’m less tempted when I get there and am satisfied with a smaller amount of the treats.

On family holiday traditions: “We shop for gifts and pick out a tree together. When I was young, my parents always took me skiing in the winter, which was really festive since I grew up in L.A.! It was so fun and exhausting—you’re basically burning calories all day long! Now, when I’m skiing with my family, I take a picture at the top of the mountain and email it to my dad. I thank him daily for instilling this love of activity at an early age.”

So you mentioned that you shop and travel—as a busy working mom of two, how do you stay connected and keep track of your to-buy lists and events this month? “There are so many distractions during the holidays, so I try to use technology to keep my family together. I use my Windows phone, which syncs with my computer, to keep track of my calendar and get photos texted to me. It’s really family-oriented and you don’t need a manual to understand it!”

Do you have any resolutions for 2012? “I’m going to try to not stress so much! I’m going to be better about handing out responsibilities. I also want to make more time for my family.”

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