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Considering hiring Fitz? Here’s what others have to say about working with her. 

Fitz with Charles Divins and Lance Smith on The Daily Buzz

Fitz with Charles Divins and Lance Smith on The Daily Buzz

“Fun, vibrant, and most-importantly, informational. That is how I would describe Fitz as a speaker and trainer. She is, without doubt, one of the most inspirational forces in fitness today. Those fortunate enough to have heard her speak, or better yet worked out with her, instantly have a new appreciation for fitness as a lifestyle, not just an activity. Her regular columns are fun and educational, and are no doubt the catalyst for many individual’s first steps toward a healthier body and mind.

My company, Rob Bailey Communications, works with some of the world’s best-known entertainers and athletes. Many of these individuals, due to strenuous travel schedules and limited free time, have devised unique workouts that help them stay fit and focused. Fitz has shown an uncanny ability to utilize these special, and sometimes-unorthodox exercise tactics, of celebrities and world-class athletes to offer new routines, practices or workout concepts that the average person can incorporate into the fitness regime.

For those who don’t know Fitz, I feel sorry for you. She is an instant ray of sunshine mixed with a zap of motivation. I’d never hesitate to bring a client, friend or family member to her teachings. There is simply nothing to lose, except flab and fatigue, and everything to gain.”

Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey Communications


“Fitz will not only knock your socks off, but some body fat as well! Follow the advice of a true expert who practices what she preaches and will help you attain the fit and healthy body you’ve always wanted.”

Jose Antonio,PhD

CEO of the International Society of Sports Nutrition


“In 1998 the Florida Gator women’s tennis team that I coached won the third National team title of that decade and Fitz was a big part of our success.

Her work with the girls made them stronger both physically and mentally. The Everything® Flat Belly Cookbook will give you VIP access to an amazing trainer who will hold your hand on your path to better living.”

Andy Brandi

Professional Tennis Coach at The Solomon Institute and Former University of Florida Women’s Tennis Coach


“As the PR Director for Everlast Woman, I’ve been working with Fitz for the past fifteen years. With her fitness expertise, time as a competitive kickboxer and media savvy … Fitz has proven to be the perfect representative for Everlast fitness products. Fitz has spoken, taught, and performed thousands of times with our logo on her chest and we’ve certainly benefited greatly because of it.

Since our partnership began long ago, Fitz has taken our brand to: Russia, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, France, England, Estonia, all across America and many places beyond.  As well, our “Everlast Fitz Posters” used at the Gart Sporting Goods chain of stores were quite popular and once again helped increase the success of Everlast Woman.

Fitz compels people to become their best with a bright smile and a forceful message. Just like Everlast, Fitz champions sports and fitness. She has a unique ability to inspire, motivate and educate everyone in her audiences. She’s a delight to work with and has represented our products with class.”

Jo-Anne Rubin

Everlast PR Director

The Moret Group


“If your personal or professional life could be better by having a better attitude or improving your physical status…then I would highly recommend you associate yourself wtih Fitz Koehler. There are few people that I consider the “total package” of wit, charm, brains, and brawn, but Fitz defines what it takes to take anybody to the next level. I would recommend you spend time with Fitz – you will never be the same.”

Karl Kaufmann

Director Sales and Catering at Hilton Ocala


“Fitz is a passionate fitness and health expert who brings enthusiasm to all she does.”

Gina Judge

Senior Manager, Consumer Relations at PepsiCo – Quaker Oats


“For the past several years (three times per year), Fitz has shared her life/professional experiences with college students (50+ in each class) enrolled in my capstone course entitled Field Experience. She brings energy, a dynamic personality and valuable information to each class thus, enabling students to evaluate life choices, continuing education opportunities and career options related to the fields of health, recreation and sport. As a component of the talk, Fitz discusses the impact a person can make in the world by positioning oneself and pursuing a passion. She highlights the value of social media, mass media and connecting with all populations. Without a doubt, anyone who books Fitz to motivate their audience will be pleased with the talk and their attendees will leave with a new perspective on life and life choices.”

Douglas DeMichele

Senior Lecturer at University of Florida


“It is truly a pleasure to offer a very strong personal recommendation on behalf of Fitz. I’ve known her for nearly 15 years and have watched her present on a number of occasions. She is a superb professional speaker, full of energy, enthusiasm, passion and extremely helpful content. She is comfortable in front of the camera and is as talented as she is beautiful. There are thousands of speakers out there who claim they can deliver a high quality program – I assure you that Fitz delivers excellence every time she is in front of an audience. If you are interested in hiring her to do her program for you – I can promise you that she will do an absolutely superior job – she is a wonderful person and an excellent professional speaker.”

John Spence

One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America


“When I first began working with Fitz I knew about her endeavors and her deeply rooted desire to make the world a healthier place. What I didn’t know was how exceptionally she could convey that passion with words. I began attending speaking engagements at which I knew Fitz would be presenting and sharing her vision. I soon learned what an eloquent, invigorating and dynamic speaker she truly is. Fitz’ inspirational capability shines through when she presents, as the things she conveys to an audience are not only rooted in fact and personal experience but in her own understanding of what it truly means to live well.

Taking on so much at all times, Fitz does so with a tact and level of knowledge that I one day aspire to obtain in my own work. Fitz also has an uncanny ability to inspires the youth with which she works, accessing them at a level they can comprehend and absorb. This ability to tailor her message to a wide variety of audiences is a rare characteristic and one that Fitz leverages with the utmost precision. It has been and continues to be an honor to both learn and work with Fitz Koehler and I offer my highest level of recommendation for her and all that she does both now and in the future.”

Andy Canning

Project Manager at UF & Shands


“Fitz has a way with words—a motivating, authentic, easy-to-understand, lovely way with words. Whether instructing a client on how to lift heavy weights or punch a heavy bag, explaining through her professional articles how to take off a few pounds, or chit-chatting with celebrities and athletes about their health and fitness pursuits, Fitz communicates effectively, efficiently, and with a style I truly admire.

It is my pleasure to know Fitz on several fronts. I first knew her as my fit and fabulous neighbor. Then I became one of her fitness clients and spent more than a year learning from her how to strengthen and tone my post-cancer body. Then we became co-bloggers for the AOL-owned blog That’s Fit. Now, I work in a supervisory role for That’s Fit and get to marvel at Fitz’s talent from a new and exciting view.

When I read what Fitz writes for her audience, I feel like I’m sitting in a room with her. She writes like she speaks—she’s simple, to the point, and funny too. She has a way of engaging and empowering her readers—“Exercise most days of the week,” she advises those who wish to become both fit and healthy. “Work out until you huff, puff, and grunt,” she suggests. And don’t forget that 80 percent of weight loss comes from wise food choices, says the spunky and spirited Fitz. Who can’t understand these clear and goal-oriented messages? It’s what I like most about my friend and colleague—her ability to make sense of the often-contradictory information about how to eat right and exercise well.

Something else I like about Fitz: She makes me feel good. She’s happy by nature, and it’s contagious. She takes good care of herself and her family and makes me want to do the same. And she knows how to draw out the strengths of others so they can use them for good. When I first started training with Fitz, she told me I was going to be an easy subject. “You’re already in good shape,” she told me. “My work will be easy.” I’m not sure how right-on she was but her words sure inspired me to prove just how great a client I could be.

In my opinion, Fitz is the total package. Give her a topic, and she’ll write up a storm. Give her someone to interview, and she’ll razzle and dazzle. Plop her in a gym, and she’ll instruct with force and grace. Put her in front of an audience, and she’ll WOW her crowd with everything she’s got. Give her a task, and she’ll deliver. I promise.”

Jacki Donaldson

Co-Lead Blogger, That’s Fit

Freelance Writer


“When I need to look lean, I put great emphasis on eating healthy. The recipes and ab workouts in The Everything® Flat Belly Cookbook are exactly what I’d use to cut fat and define my abs.”

Cameron Mathison,

Actor All My Children, Dancing with the Stars


“Thank you Fitz for this amazing all-in-one book on how to combine a healthy lifestyle and workout routine with food that actually tastes great!! You’ve finally given pancakes, burgers, and barbecue ranch dressing a good reputation. Your versions of some very unhealthy foods are convenient, nutritious, and downright lip-smacking tasty! I will never eat the same again. You rock Fitz!”

Colin Egglesfield

Actor Melrose Place, All My Children; Calvin Klein Model


“This is not just another diet book, but rather a detailed description to living the healthy lifestyle that will help you transform, achieve, and maintain the ‘flattering figure you desire.”

Brandon Russell

Carpenter Host, Trading Spaces


“In The Everything® Flat Belly Cookbook, Fitz transfers her passion for fitness to readers with a full arsenal of recipes and workouts perfect for losing—and keeping off—unwanted pounds.”

Joe Cirulli

Past IHRSA President and Owner of the

Gainesville Health & Fitness Centers


“The recipes in The Everything® Flat Belly Cookbook are not only delicious, they’re also easy to prepare—and good for you, too! The perfect book for anyone looking to drop some weight and tone their abs.”

Jeremy Foley

University of Florida Athletic Director


“Intellectual. Friendly. Flexible. Determined. These are just a few words to describe Fitz, who I’ve worked with on many different fronts. She’s extremely well-versed in fitness, health and nutrition, and she’s eager to help others achieve their goals. She served as a source for a few of my fitness stories for both Gainesville Magazine and The Gainesville Sun in Gainesville, Fla., and was very well-spoken and easy to work with. She’s an absolute pleasure and I’m confident that the advice she gives me is backed with years of education, experience and research.”

Whitney Smith

Writer/Designer, Gainesville Magazing


“The combination of Fitz’s fitness tips and healthy recipes in The Everything® Flat Belly Cookbook is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life!”

Buddy Lee

U.S. Olympic Wrestler


“Fitz is the master of abdominal training. Live off the recipes in The Everything® Flat Belly Cookbook , do the ab exercises she prescribes, and dust off your skimpiest swimsuit and board shorts. You’re going to want to live in them!”

Tracy Benham, MS Exercise and Sport Physiologist;

Executive Producer, The Active Health Network

Director, Sports Health Exercise LLC


“The Everything® Flat Belly Cookbook is more than a simple collection of 20 recipes…Fitz has created a down-to-earth guideline for living a healthier life.”

Marci Slayton, MD


“The purpose of this letter is to tout the good name of “Fitz” Koehler, trainer, motivator and fitness instructor extraordinaire.  I have known Fitz for over 10 years and have had the opportunity to work out in many of her different forums and curriculums.

A number of years ago, I attended her kickboxing classes at the local karate center and found her to be extremely knowledgeable with regards to fitness, diet and nutrition. The classes were challenging and cutting edge at that time and I was happy to recruit many of my friends and co-workers.

More recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with her in a one-on-one scenario and although I am now 10 years older, she has been able to motivate me to accomplish things that I didn’t think were possible. …. I’ve enjoyed working with Fitz and find her to be so motivational that I have recommended her to my single family and multifamily communities for training and education.  We often enlist speakers and trainers to assist and encourage our residents and homeowners to enjoy more active and healthy lives and I can think of anybody better to speak about the benefits of healthy living.

Taking it one step further, I am actively encouraging the President of our company to utilize Fitz in our corporate environment to educate our staff on superior health habits, which translate into superior work habits.

As you can see, I am a huge fan and would recommend her skills in any forum, whether personal or professional.”

Denise Snyder

Emmer Management Corp.

Regional Property Manager

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what a difference you, your guidance and training have made in my life.  Call this a resounding endorsement, a testimonial if you will.

A little bit of background first.  I’ve always been athletic – played high school and college sports, and after graduation, I owned an aerobic dancing company in Houston while working full time in the advertising business.  When I went back to get my master’s and doctoral degrees, I continued water skiing, jogging and playing on team tennis.   As a 50-something professor, dean, and flight instructor, I’m still pretty active.  I have no disabilities or exercise-limiting restrictions.   Time – it’s my only limitation so far.  But, you know, I hadn’t realized that something was missing and slowly ebbing away from the fitness and exercise side of my life – until I signed up for one of your kickboxing classes.  That brings us to the present, and back to the reason for this letter.  I think I can distill my comments into three separate areas: your teaching, your motivation and your example.

Teaching:  I thought I knew good teaching.  I do.  But what I didn’t know was great teaching.  You have a natural gift, Fitz. You’re an excellent communicator.  Your energy, commitment and individualized attention are amazing.  You have a wonderful sense of humor that puts even novice exercisers at ease immediately.   For me, what resonated the most was when you asked me, quite matter of factly, “So, why aren’t  you running?”  As though there was no logical or legitimate reason why I shouldn’t be.  It was a wake-up call for me, and an example of your “can-do” approach to teaching.

Motivation:  From beginning to end of one of your sessions you encourage.  You motivate us with your dedication to fitness and your teaching style.  You speak to and not at the students in your class.  You push.  You set the bar higher each time we exercise.  You find the thing that will motive each person individually, regardless of his or her current fitness level.

Example:  You do it all by example, by who you are and what you are.  You lead a life full of healthy habits – it’s not a burden or sacrifice – it just comes natural to you.  You don’t endorse fad diets, drugs or surgery.  You advocate natural foods and an overall healthy lifestyle.  You pass on all of these tools to your students and to the people who hear you speak.   You live fitness.  You radiate fitness.  And it’s infectious.

Bottom line:  I’m stronger, more alive and re-dedicated to fitness.  Thank you.  You’re an inspiration.”

Debbie Treise

Associate Dean/Professor

College of Journalism and Communications

University of Florida


“I have had the pleasure of working with Fitz Koehler professionally and personally over ten years.  During this time I have had ample opportunity to observe her personal skills and professional expertise.  Fitz’s motivation and innovation is impressive, and I highly recommend her as a wellness speaker, consultant, and master instructor.

Fitz’s credentials rival those who have been in the work force much longer than she; this reflects her motivation and inspiration.  For instance, as a parent she took an interest in children’s nutrition and physical fitness.  This included specific information on her website, and contacting the Wiggles.  She then corroborated with The Wiggles on fitness videos in an effort to educate parents on how to raise fit children .  She has also interviewed national health advisors, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is featured on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Locally, Fitz has been involved in the American Cancer Society’s programs to promote non-smoking, and has delivered inspiring talks to various groups on health and fitness.  Her style is professional yet she is able to connect with her audience, whether young or old, serious athletes or the novice; and always with enthusiasm.

I recommend Fitz Koehler without reservation, and am confident that her contribution to your business or health-related endeavor will make a difference.”

Marcia O. Miller, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

Department of Community Health and Family Medicine

University of Florida College of Medicine

Gainesville, FL


“Dear Fitz,

I want to thank you for the training sessions you gifted me in the first months following my daughter’s death.  Those sessions allowed me release from the hurt and fury that intoxicates the heart after losing a child.

My favorite part of our sessions was my bout with the punching bag.  Nothing could substitute the catharsis of pummeling something.  The bag stood before me, as impenetrable and resolute as the fate that “took” my child from me.  But unlike Fate, that bag was tangible, and I enjoyed the empowerment of watching that bag give and sway under my unforgiving blows.

You were always supportive, nonjudgmental and accepting.  You intuitively knew when to push me physically and how far.  And you made me feel good in my skin—a feeling that, for the most part, had died along with my daughter.

During a time when I struggled to find the will to breathe in and out, you gave me the means to heal.  I healed through the opportunity to purge emotion.  I healed through a rebirth of appreciation for the body I was in and the power it did possess.  I healed through your encouragement and praise.  Mostly, I healed through your unwavering and accepting friendship.

Thank you for these gifts.  They are immeasurable.  You have tremendous physical talent, and you also have the talent to guide your clients’ to the realization of theirs.”

Anita Webster

Mother and English Professor


“I have been acquainted with Fitz for over two years. During this time, I became aware of her expertise in the area of exercise and fitness. As a representative of a Parent/Teacher Organization, I enlisted her assistance, last fall, on a Parent Forum discussing children’s health.

Fitz’s education and certifications, in the field of exercise sciences, qualified her to be a member of our panel. Although her portion of the panel discussion focused on exercise and fitness, she is enthusiastic about presenting a comprehensive program which would cover all aspects of children’s health, including diet and nutrition.

Fitz is an informed, enthusiastic, energetic speaker. A presentation on health and exercise, including wellness and nutrition, would be an asset to any institution or organization. “

Karen Whipple


Gainesville Country Day School


“Alachua County Fire Rescue has contracted for Fitz’s services on two occasions and we have been well satisfied with her training programs. Several years ago she provided wellness information during our monthly in-service training.  Two years ago she conducted a train-the-trainer class for a peer fitness group.

Fitz has the ability to convey fitness and training information in an understandable and motivating fashion to our personnel – and they are an audience that challenges trainers who may not know their material. She facilitates training by making it enjoyable and appropriate to the specific individuals in the group.  We would certainly recommend her to other organizations seeking her expertise.”

Jean M. LeMire

Health/Safety Officer

Alachua County Department of Public Safety


“My family and I have worked with Fitz for many years. She has always been a great mentor, trainer and more than that, cares for everyone of her clients on a deeper level. I have had numerous set backs and health problems, and even when I am not her client, Fitz is still calling to check and see how we are doing with our eating, health and exercise. That shows that she is truly dedicated to everyone that she works with. I highly recommend Fitz Koehler to anyone that I meet.”

Yvette Glisson

Mother, Wife and Insurance Adjuster


“Fitz motivates, directs and inspires people toward creating active lifestyles for themselves and their families. Fitz leads by example, showing adults and kids how simple fitness can be, while having fun. Fitzness International is set apart from any fitness company I have known.”

Valencia Wells

Teacher and Event Planner


“Fitz provides great dedication, proven methods and clarity. Her intelligence, knowledge, energy, integrity and follow-through distinguish her as a true professional and a trusted partner. I am delighted to endorse Fitz.”

Valerie Watson

Marketing Manager


“Fitz is an amazing motivator who has captured world wide attention with her Morning Mile program. I was fortunate enough to help Fitz launch the program in 2 schools and continue to work with her in building the brand in Texas. She is passionate about the Morning Mile brand and promotes it wherever she is working. Fitz is hands-on and a strong communicator, who excites others about her passions – fitness and well-being.”

Kari Friedauer

Marketing Manager