In this series, Surprising Ways to Slash 500 Calories, we discuss a variety of ways you can easily eliminate 500 calories from your daily routine resulting in an easy weight loss of one pound per week.  Our job is to help you in your weight loss goals, and even if you were to burn one less calorie day; it would add up over time.

Household chores must be done – even though we may dislike doing them, and mowing the lawn is definitely on the list of must-dos. This project is usually large in size, and generally requires us to be outside in the hot sun for long periods of time. It’s simply hot and sweaty physical labor.

The positive side of mowing the lawn is that it serves as a legitimate workout. Using a push mower, sqattiing down to remove rubbish from your path, gathering leaves and trimming the hedges burns 320 calories per hour or more. Bigger people, bigger lawns, overgrown lawns, or lawns with major inclines will certainly burn more calories. In the end, it’s fabulous to work on a beautiful lawn, while also working towards a beautiful body. That’s definitely a Win-win.