Surfing is a fun way to get fit and enjoy the outdoors. If you’re new to surfing, you will no doubt be itching to head out into the water. You’ll want to practice your skills and improve your technique while riding the waves. The thing is, some people forget that there are some surfing do’s and don’ts that you need to abide by.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a private beach, you’ll have to share the waves with other surfers. If you’re unsure about surfing etiquette, today’s post will shed some light on it. Here is what you need to know:

Observe right of way

As you can imagine, it’s not a good idea to cut in front of other surfers. The general rule is that the surfer riding the first wave or closest to the break has right of way. That means, he or she has priority. They also have right of way over surfers that are paddling out.

On the subject of paddling, it’s important that you steer away from other surfers. So, what should you do if you find yourself caught in the middle of a wave, for instance? In those situations, the best thing to do is head towards the white water. And, of course, away from the direction of where the other surfer is heading.

Wear the right gear

It might be tempting just to head out wearing your boardies (swim shorts). But, if you want to improve your technique, you should treat surfing a little more seriously. That means wearing a wetsuit, of course.

If you’ve never worn a wetsuit before, I recommend you do so and try surfing in one. I can guarantee that you will have better control over your board in the water. And you won’t have to worry about your boardies slowing you down. Especially if you like wearing baggy ones!

Be a responsible surfer

Surfing is a pastime that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, there are a few “rotten apples” that try to spoil it for the rest of us. Don’t be one of those people! Part of being a responsible surfer involves respecting the locals and the beach. Don’t be a litterbug, or vandalize anything during your visit.

And if you spot someone in trouble while you’re out, be sure to help them out. Someday, another person might repay you the favor!

Never let go of your board

Something that a lot of newbies do is to let go of their boards when they’re out surfing. Why? Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you are paddling out, and you come across a break. If you let go of your board, you could cause injuries to other surfers around you.

Instead, you should learn to duck dive. It is especially important if you’re surfing in a crowded area.

Don’t keep a wave to yourself

Some greedy surfers won’t let anyone else share a wave with them. Don’t be one of those people! The ocean isn’t just for your personal use. It’s important to respect the surfers around you and give them an opportunity to catch a wave too.