sesame street fruit veggie platters

Just stumbled across this on Facebook and had to share! These Sesame Street themed fruit and veggie platters would be perfect for any child’s birthday party or get-together. In fact, I think my adult friends would go bonkers for them too. Just another bit of proof that healthy food can still be tons of fun.

Cookie Monster Fruit Platter: Blueberry face, blackberry mouth, little round bowls of yogurt for eyes with blackberry pupils.

Elmo Fruit Platter: Slice strawberries for the face, use blackberries for the mouth, a small clementine or orange for this nose, little round bowls of yogurt for the eyes, and a blackberry or blueberry for the pupils.

Oscar the Grouch Veggie Platter: Broccoli florets for the face, olives for the mouth, little round bowl of low-fat veggie dip for the eyes with olive pupils, bell pepper slices for eyelashes.

Big Bird Fruit Platter: Chopped pineapple for the face, mango slices for his beak and spiky hair. Little round bowls of yogurt for the eyes with blueberry pupils. Use small slices of strawberries for his tongue and eyebrows.