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Kelly Miller is a plus sized girl who experienced the great adventure of having her entire wedding experience featured on TLC. It all started when she applied to appear on the TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress”, which traditionally only featured trimmer women experiencing both the fun and frustration of shopping for a wedding dress. Kelly had never seen a girl like herself on the show, so she decided to apply with a plea and – kind of a demand – to include some plus sized girls like her. Within 20 minutes of applying she was booked to appear, and after her shopping experience debuted … the people demanded to see more. This brings us to “SAY YES TO THE DRESS: THE BIG DAY”, premiering Friday, October 14 at 10 PM ET/PT. Featured is Kelly’s entire bridal experience from choosing invites and cakes to dealing with stress over her body image and weight. I spoke to Kelly about her experience, and she offered special insight for bigger brides to be.

Fitz: Tell me about your dress shopping experience.

Kelly: I honestly thought that nothing at all would ever fit me. I believed everything was going to look like a sheet or a moomoo and I was going to have to just settle for something that just fit as opposed to something that I loved. I ended up finding a few that just weren’t my style, but when Sara (the woman helping me) brought out a dress and held it together correctly in back I was like, “Wow! This really flatters my figure and I’m actually in love with this dress!”

Fitz: Did you feel beautiful on your wedding day?

Kelly: Oh my God! I looked in the mirror and wondered why I couldn’t look that great every day. I really did feel great.

Fitz: So there’s hope! What’s your advice for all of the other plus-sized brides to be out there?

Kelly: If somebody loves you enough to marry you, then you should love yourself enough to go out and find something fabulous. I couldn’t believe how many plus-sized dresses Kleinfelds had. I thought they would have two, but instead they had dress after dress and I didn’t feel like they were shoving me in the corner like some fat person. I really felt like they were catering to my size without issue.

Fitz: What was your overall experience like on “Say Yes to the Dress”?

Kelly: The people at Kleinfelds were so welcoming and wonderful and I can say that they really are on that “wedding high” all day. It was fabulous.

Fitz: How did you end up having your entire wedding experience covered?

Kelly: Apparently my episode brought in really high ratings. I guess people thought that in a rude loud sort of way … people found me sort of endearing. So the TLC folks asked if they could follow me through my wedding. I couldn’t believe that it was happening, but I’m so glad that it did!

Fitz: Most women want to be at their best on their wedding day. They diet, go crazy exercising, etc … Did you do any of that?

Kelly: I lost a bunch of weight before the wedding, but I think I was only able to do it because I was only trying to please me. When I realized that my husband didn’t care either way … I just felt like that pressure was removed and I could do it! He actually made these short and interesting little exercise routines for me and I stuck with them because they were fun. He’s busy coaching football now though, so I don’t do them any more.

Fitz: You told me you’ve always been overweight. Have you ever genuinely committed to exercise regularly and eating right?

Photo Credit: TLC

Kelly: Well … no not really. But I don’t think that I’ve even known how either. I think a lot of people who are overweight just don’t have the tools and just don’t know! I don’t sit down and eat a box of Twinkies and I don’t think most other overweight people do either! I wish I did know how though. I’d like to be fit.

Fitz: Well, that’s why I’m here Kelly. I can help you.

Kelly: You can?

Fitz: Yep! If you really want to become fit and truly don’t know how … we’ll start tomorrow and we’ll show the world how to shrink out of plus-sizes for their anniversary.We’ll start tomorrow!

Kelly: I’m in and I can’t wait!

If you loved Kelly on her episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”, then tune in this Friday, October 14th at 9:00 PM ET/PT to enjoy Kelly’s entire wedding experience on TLC’s “SAY YES TO THE DRESS: THE BIG DAY”. As well, I’m now training Kelly via my phone consulting services from way across the country. She’s in Ohio, I’m in Florida and she’s going GREAT! Let’s all hold Kelly accountable to ensure she’s fitter on her one year anniversary than she’s ever been before. Use the comment section here, or follow Kelly’s progress on our Fitzness Facebook page.

KELLY’S WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE! In this first week (October 2011) Kelly has been training with me, she has LOST 8 POUNDS! Congrats Kelly! *** As of February 2,2012 … Kelly has lost nearly 50 pounds! Keep going Kelly – I’m so proud of you!