If you don’t like running, but DO like parties, rides and beer – this will be the best excuse you’ll ever get to sign up for a race. Sure, you’ll have to traverse about six miles on foot, but this journey and prize is one like no other. runDisney’s Expedition Everest 5K plus 5K scavenger hunt is so fun, I’ve been lured back three years in a row. The race was designed for partners, but can also be done alone. Kids as young as nine years-old can participate, but since it starts at 10pm and hey — I deserve some fun. I’ve decided to keep this race as an adults only event, at least for a while.

This year I had the luxury of running with my pal Bob, who’s a pretty sturdy distance runner and holds a pace way faster than mine. I loved the challenge of trying to keep up with him and was even successful doing so until about mile two when a nasty cramp ripped through my abs. I loved that too, by the way. Nothing like a work-induced cramp to make me feel alive! The 5K race with several mild obstacles weaves in and out of Animal Kingdom, and then dumps you out in to the parking lot to grab clue cards which send you back running through the park again. It’s scenic, full of thematic music and a little chaotic with the clue cards. My experience with Bob was either walk or haul ass. (Pardon my language). Fortunately, he waited so we could do the scavenger hunt together; we had lots of fun trying decipher the fairly challenging clues and even more fun accepting our gorgeous compass medals upon completion.

Post-race, we joined some friends for a beer (woohoo!), rode a few rides, enjoyed some music and goofed off with the cool team from New Balance (major runDisney sponsors). It’s was the kind of fun most folks associate with a sports bar with greasy food. Except … my friends, 6,000 others and I had that same exact fun while getting fit and finding adventure.  So if you’re seeking out some truly athletic fun, or just a super excuse to go for a Girls Night, Guys Night or Couples Night Out – hit up runDisney’s Expedition Everest next May. It’s big time fun.

*** Kid races and an Expedition Everest Family 5K takes place on the morning of the big race. runDisney always ensures there’s an opportunity for everyone in the family to take part in the fitness fun.