Whether your head is in the clouds or  you feel lost or disconnected, you’re not alone. For whatever reason you’re stuck in a slump, the slump stops here. While life often emulates riding a roller coaster, when you let the lows keep you down, you never get to experience the rush of adrenaline when reaching a high. Instead of allowing the doldrums to stick around,  you must “Rise with the Sun”, which means you need to treat each day as a new opportunity to start over fresh. Each night will serve as a “reset button” of sorts.

This positive thinking will hopefully have you feeling better about waking up in the mornings and accomplishing something new.

  • Rise with the sun and go for a morning run. And if you can’t run yet, walk.
  • Rise with the sun and surprise a friend or co-worker with a cup of coffee, because making their day will make yours.
  • Rise with the sun and do a little yoga outdoors before darting off to work.
  • Rise with the sun and snuggle with a loved one or pet to start your day off with sweetness.
  • Rise with sun and simple tell yourself it’s going to be a great day!

See, the key here is that yes you might wake up with that negative thought or feeling still inside, but it’s up to you to choose to start fresh with a new outlook, new plan and improved actions.  Choose a morning mantra which will allow you to serve as your own Tony Robbins! “Today is going to be great!”, “I’m going to hit it out of the park today”, “I will choose joy today”. Start each day deliberately rising with the sun and more often than not, you’ll get to ride those highs