When you set out to get fit, you want to remain that way forever. What’s the point in working hard, getting in the best shape of your life, only to go back to your old habits and undo all of your hard work? You want lasting results. There’s no quick fix or secret that will get you results quicker, and make them last longer. This is the real way to get fit for lasting results….

Believe In Yourself

Do you truly believe that you can get fit? This might sound a little strange to you, but we attract the lives we live and the situations we experience because of the stories and things we tell ourselves. If you don’t believe in yourself, call yourself names and think negatively all the time, you’re not going to get very far at all. Even if you get results to begin with, your deep seated beliefs are going to be there in the background and eventually sabotage your hard work. You need to change your beliefs. Find the things you love about yourself, and remind yourself of your successful accomplishments. Repeat positive statements to yourself every day, in the mirror even! Doing things like this will rewire your brain into believing, and help you to reach your goals. You won’t go back to the way you were before with your new belief system either!

Learn About It

Learn about health and fitness as much as you can. It might seem complicated at first, but once you’re familiar with the terms and things, you’ll really begin to understand why certain things work and why certain things don’t. You’ll be well prepared to spot a fad diet when you see one, and you won’t do pointless exercises that make no impact on your body. You can read books and articles, as well as watch Youtube videos.


Come Up With A Sustainable Routine

For lasting results, you need a routine that you find sustainable. For some, this might be working out three times a week. Others might love working out so much that they do it six times a week. You may want to start at three and work your way up to six slowly, but steadily. Whatever you do, you need to be able to keep it up in the long run. If you can’t see yourself doing it in the future, that plan may be doomed. Quick fixes never, ever work. You need to be in it for the long haul. Many people are doing the bikini body guides they are finding all over the web, but you should read reviews and do lots of research before you invest your money in these products. You can read Kayla Itsines review here.

Allow Balance In Your Life

You must allow balance in your life. If you don’t let yourself eat the odd chocolate bar or slice of pizza, where’s the fun? Chances are, you’ll feel deprived. People who feel deprived or are in a desperate state of mind usually end up binging in some way, before giving up altogether. Rest days are a must, as are small treats. Being healthy isn’t punishment. It should be a fun, sustainable way of life that doesn’t feel too much like work! A balanced life is a happy life.

Don’t Obsess

There’s a fine line between loving health and fitness and obsessing over certain things. It’s easy to obsess over food sources, weight, and things like that. Once you start to obsess, you are damaging your mindset. You may be making healthy food choices and working out, but your mind is suffering! Having a healthy mind and body is essential. Check in with yourself to ensure you’re feeling good. If you’re not, ask yourself what needs to change. This is the only way you will achieve a healthy mind and body in the long run.

There you have it; the real way to get fit for lasting results. No diet, shakes or pills. No crazy workouts or starvation methods. No magic spells. It’s really quite simple! Eat right, exercise regularly, and find balance. You’ll look and feel amazing. Start now to change your life!

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