Whether it’s the New Year and you just started your workout regimen or you’re a seasoned gym rat, you’ve probably run into the dreaded issue of acne. Acne, whether it is on your body or face, can be unfortunate side effects of exercise, especially if you’re exercising outside in the heat. However, there are certainly ways to prevent those irritating breakouts.

Before Working Out

  • Remove any makeup products. Combining sweat and makeup can cause an extra buildup of oil. You don’t want to plug your pore’s natural ability to breath by clogging them up with makeup.
  • Dress in loose fitting workout material made out of moisture-wicking material. Tighter workout clothes causes bacteria to be trapped, causing “bacne” or even “buttne”. While looser moisture-wicking clothing allows your skin to breathe as much as possible.

During Working Out

  • Wipe down your equipment before and after your workout. Don’t trust the person in front of you to wipe it down! Remove that gross excess sweat before it travels to your skin.
  • Wash your face immediately after cardio, before you start stretching or strength training. Either carry around a face wipe or wash your face off in the sink. The best face cleansers to fight acne have benzoyl peroxide in them.

After Working Out

  • Shower immediately after exercise. This should be a given, not only does it wash off the grime and sweat that cause bacteria to fill your pores, but it also cools you off to stop further sweating.
  • If a shower isn’t immediately possible, wipe down prone areas, such as your back, chest, face and stomach.