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Play Golf with My Balls – 2 Dozen Shipped to you Monthly


Golf balls. How many have you lost in your life? About 70 billion dollars worth? That’s what I thought. My Balls are a line of high-end golf balls with a quirky name and smartypants system for keeping golfers sane. They’ll also keep more money in your pocket, which in this economy, is always a good thing. Instead of paying $4.00 per ball the old fashioned way, a My Balls subscription ensure 24 balls arrive on your doorstep once a month for only $39.99. They even offer one sleeve of My Balls in a two-week free trial so you can experience how great My Balls really are. I’m confident My Balls will make an appearance on every golf course in the country within a short time and they’ll stay there. Perfect for golfers who hate to shop, and a perfect gift giving opportunity for those who love a golfer! Can you imagine how much your favorite golfer would love an entire YEAR of My Balls? It’s a no-brainer. 24 Pro-Performance Golf Balls Delivered Monthly $39.99 Free Shipping



  1. Ok… not for nothing, but “My Balls” may be the greatest product name of 2012.

  2. I love this product! I only wish it wasn’t so hard to find on the Internet. I saw the balls on Kendra on top and was surprised when I couldn’t find them. What stores sell them? Do I have to subscribe monthly?

    • Just click on the many links we’ve provided you with. The balls come via a subscription, like a magazine. You can also order a shirt. doesn’t sell them. We just think they’re great.

  3. …also would love a shirt…

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