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Nuwandalice on

Dear Kate,

Now that your beautiful baby boy is born, you’ll move quickly in to step two of the celebrity pregnancy experience, everyone in the world is going to obsess over your body. We hope you DO NOT! In our book, you’ve done an outstanding job all on your own staying fit, trim and active. You make fitness look fun and seem to take pleasure in any and every athletic opportunity you’re given. You’re a beautiful woman and for crying out loud … YOU JUST GAVE BIRTH TO A FUTURE KING! We hope you relax, sleep when you can, cuddle as much as possible, take lots of cutesy photos and enjoy the moment. We have ultimate faith that you’ll return to being active and fit when you are ready. Ignore absolutely every body else in the world except that voice in the back of your head. Congratulations new Mommy.

Fitz and the entire team at

***This goes to every other new Mommy in the world too. King or not, your baby is the best, your body is amazing for making a human and we hope you enjoy the process.

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