The love of sports and fitness not only launches oodles of healthy bodies, it also launches tons of ventures into the professional world of fitness. Sure, you’re a school teacher and already have a “job”. That’s fair, but it’s pretty extraordinary how many people take their personal workouts to the “next” level out of the urge to either get more involved or inspire others. In fact, sometimes the effort comes out of pure desperation for information. Do you have any idea how important the need for proper nutrition is while training for a triathlon? It’s HUGE! Seriously, some folks have earned a certificate in sports nutrition simply to gather the knowledge necessary to get through their own races. It’s pretty important stuff.

So whether you’re doing it for personal reasons or because you’re looking for a career in the fitness world. There are a bunch of ways to build this type of work into your life.

  • Full Time: Dive right in! Start by earning a basic certification and then continue pursuing knowledge fiercely. Remember: you will be responsible for THE HUMAN BODY, so it’s vital you understand it and protect it. Just like doctors prioritize “first doing no harm”, you must too. The more you know, the more you practice, the less likely you are to hurt anybody. The less likely you’ll be to sell pills, powders, wraps, scammy diets and worse. Be a PROFESSIONAL service-provider and things will go your way. As well, getting a college degree in the subject is a brilliant way to enhance your knowledge and prove your commitment.
  • Part Time: Keep your day job! Fitness rarely comes with benefits and sick time, so this is an ideal choice for people who’ve secured full-time careers yet still want to work in the industry. Teach classes at night or on weekends. Do personal training or nutritional consulting when it works for you. This offers the best of both worlds, plus – it often comes along with a free gym membership.
  • Build Your Body: This is NOT wrong and yes, getting hyper-educated in any area of health and fitness is a superb way to ensure you train your body wisely and nourish it for long lasting results.

In the end, your education, certifications and/or degrees will serve to benefit you and those you choose to help.