Yes, garlic powder may be a tad easier to cook with, but does it hold the same nutritional value as raw garlic? Let’s check it out…. provided us with the facts by comparing 1.oz of raw garlic to 3/4 tsp of garlic powder:

                           Raw Garlic               Garlic Powder

Protein                       1g                             .4g

Fiber                         1.6%                          .8%

Calcium                   3.3%                          .2%

Iron                            1.7%                          .7%

Phosphorus               3%                            1%              *Phosphorus is key to helping your body build strong bones

*Vitamin C*               9%                            0%

Selenium                 3.7%                           .9%             *Selenium may help reduce the odds of prostate cancer

Vitamin B-6              11%                            2%            *Vitamin B-6 is known to help prevent mental fatigue

Manganese              15%                              1%

“Manganese is essential for proper digestion and the metabolization of proteins”

Raw garlic definitely seems to come out on top..Don’t take the easy way out, get peeling!