G2Fit.com: Mouse-Pad Stretch Program

G2Fitness is a neat company that designs fitness equipment and other daily use products to enhance your fitness training experience. Yoga mats are a great tool, but if you really don’t have a strong grip on yoga moves … you’ll probably not get much use out of that mat. That’s where G2 Fitness has made it’s impact. The products are based on functionality and education. The yoga mats made by this company have a dozen or so moves illustrated on their mats to use as a point of reference. Neat – huh?

They’ve also used this innovation to enhance stability balls and mouse pads. I love it all, but the item I’ve chosen to feature is the Mouse-Pad Stretch Program. Why? Most low back pain is associated with poor posture, weakness and inflexibility. Many of us spend hours upon hours each day slumped over a desk bonking on our computer keyboards. A simple way to combat this issue? Regular stretching! It’s such an easy thing to do, but life often tends to get in the way and we forget. This mouse pad serves as both a terrific reminder and an instructional tool. Even I, the fitness pro, have been stretching more often since I’ve been using the mouse-pad G2 sent me. It actually works!

So if back pain, inflexibility, and muscle tension (especially in your neck) are issues for you, this clever little fitness/office tool may just serve as a major problem solver in your life. Give it a try and check out the other smarty-pants products offered by visiting G2Fit.com.