Most new moms will agree that time is simply a luxury they no longer have. This is especially the case if you are a working mom.  However, time is something you are going to need to find if you want to get back into shape after having a baby. Read on to discover some top tips on fitting exercise into your busy schedule.

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  1. Create a home gym – Use any space that you have available in your home. Your bedroom, your living room, your garage – whatever! You deserve the space, so take it. Although fitness centers are fantastic, you can certainly get a killer workout at home with expert guidance if you want it. Join Fitz’s Hottie Body Fitzness Challenge which provides daily workout guidance with complimentary instructional videos to train with daily.  You can also purchase a rowing machine, treadmill, or another piece of fitness equipment to add to the space in your home. When you have access to equipment you enjoy and it’s staring at you daily, you are going to be much more inclined to use it. Consider stocking up on a variety of small and inexpensive portable items like balls, bands, a jump rope and more. 
  2. Build exercise to your actual schedule You need to take the time to exercise, so rather than trying to find the time … force it in. Most people will have at least 30 minutes of unused time in their day. After all, think about how much time you spend checking your Twitter page or Facebook. Pay attention to how you spend your time at present, and look for opportunities to create a space for exercising. Once you have done this, you can then write down ‘exercise’ on your daily planner. This will make sure you stick to it, as you have an allocated space in the day for working out.
  3. Get a job that involves exercise – One of the most effective ways of ensuring you get a daily dose of exercise is to pursue a career path that entails it. A lot of new moms decide to change careers once they have had a baby, so this could be your perfect opportunity to try something new. A Master’s Degree in Kinesiology is an option worth looking into further if you already have a background in training. This is a degree that is designed for adults that want to advance their coaching, teaching or training career. Of course, there are many different routes you could go down. You could take a course in personal training, for example.
  4. Put on your gym clothes when you get ready in the morning – It is a good idea to put on your workout clothes as soon as you get ready in the morning. Being dressed for exercise is a great push to get it over with. Although, don’t just use them as comfy clothes all day. Put them on with the intention of soaking them with sweat and getting them stinky. 
  5. Workout with baby – Finding someone else to watch your little one, or relying on their unreliable willingness to take naps is not always going to work. Put your cutie in a stroller and go! Dance with your cutie in your pappoose. Do squats will giving hugs. It all counts!