Stephen Lang

The June issue of Men’s Health magazine highlights some famous men who really do their age group justice. “Avatar’s” ageless villain, Stephen Lang, 59, has a body most men in their 20’s would kill for. Yep, this guy has found the fountain of youth in a lifetime full of regular challenging exercise and healthy eating habits. Imagine that! Here’s what he has to say about the limitations of fitness in his 50’s:

“You have to listen to your body and continually reevaluate your routine, making adjustments.”

“At my age it’s easier to keep weight off than it is to take it off,”

“I’m not as strong as I was. And I accept that, and it’s cool. But I want to be as strong as I can possibly be.”

“But now if I need a day off to recover, I take it,” he says. And he sees no shame in naps. “In America we deride naps. We think it means we’re lazy. But they’re very revitalizing. Just let the engine cool off.”