2017 is upon us and the future looks fit! I’m really excited about this New Year because I’m starting to see people moving beyond appearance as incentive for healthy habits and on to living well and living long.

Snake Oil Gets Stung
It may be wishful thinking, but I really predict many people will stop turning to dumb diets, pills, powders, stupid shakes and ridiculous wraps. People are starting to understand that these things NEVER work long term, cost a fortune and lead to misery. Instead, I see people rejecting their shake-selling neighbors in exchange for managing their caloric intake of REAL food and exercising often. I train thousands of people around the world each year and love the mass amounts of success they’re all having with the Exact Formula for Weight Loss and a challenging exercise routine.

Active Adventure Rules
While I love and respect the treadmill and elliptical, I expect more and more people to step out of that typical gym box. Heading outdoors to sweat and socialize with friends is a trend anticipate will continue. Active adventure becomes a stronger motivation for more and more adults seeking a life more intensely lived. In my work as a race announcer, I see every beautiful version of the “average Joe and Jane” taking part in short distances, insanely long distances, triathlons, obstacle course races and more. I’m welcoming toddlers, 90 year-olds, Olympians, the morbidly obese and athletes of every color through finish lines – all within the same weekend! Racecations, zip lining adventures and ski resorts continue to inspire fitness.

Snarky Shirts Stick Around
They’re kind of fun and kind of annoying, but no matter what I think … they’re not going anywhere. Many more sparkly tanks that proclaim that we run for wine and can’t function without coffee are on their way. Those funky workout leggings, they’re not going anywhere either. Speaking of pants, if you are trying to squeeze in some physical activity while at work… Check out these crazy, comfy, stylish and stretchy dress pants. Walk, lunge and stretch on the job!

Core Training Becomes More
A long time misconception is that “core” is synonymous with “abs”. WRONG! The core is comprised of the muscles of your abs, hips, back and glutes. With 60%- 80% of adult Americans experiencing back pain at some point, folks are starting to focus on using fitness to prevent and recover from pain. Our abs rarely hurt, because they are a fitness hot spot and are strong. Our backs are neglected and the resulting tightness and weakness leads to pain. My core training DVD, FLIP FLOP ABS, was designed to hit your core at every angle, leaving your body hard, strong and pain-free. Bridges, side planks and Supermans become a staple in more and more workout routines.

Childhood Obesity Rates Slow
The most critical problem we face in healthcare is a future of inactive, chronically sick, unproductive adults our nation can’t afford. However, I see a bright spot. More and more families are prioritizing active fun, while encouraging healthier choices at mealtime. My before-school running/walking program, The Morning Mile, is growing by leaps and bounds with 200 schools participating and over two million miles run! I see it all across the country. When given the opportunity, children and families will take advantage of opportunities to play, move and engage in athletics. Yummy healthy food options are making the decision to eat wisely equally enticing.

Stay the course, my friends! Keep moving in a way that makes you laugh, get sweaty in clothes that make you feel funny, pursue strength training for resiliency, pump up and provide opportunities for our youth to start life off strong, and reject phony gimmicks that will only make you miserable. Fitness … it’s not so complicated.

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