Holiday Hottie Fitzness Challenge ยป Holiday Hottie Fitzness Challenge

holiday hottie fitzness calendar buzz smallHi Hotties! I’m so happy to have you join us for our Holiday Hottie Fitzness Challenge. Do YOU want to make it to the New Year FITTER, not FATTER? Heck yeah, you do! Major weight gain during the holiday season is both incredibly common and totally unacceptable. I’m so proud of you for planning ahead to be proactive from the get-go. My team and I have planned an entire season’s worth of workouts for you. They’re packed with solid cardio, so you keep burning major calories at a time when you’ll be continuously assaulted with high-calorie options. We’ve also created a well-rounded strength training plan so you’ll increase, strength, power and definition along the way. Strong curvy muscles are sexy and increase your metabolism!! You’ll also need to read the EXACT FORMULA FOR WEIGHT LOSS to discover exactly how much of the right types of foods you should be eating to reach your personal and unique goal weight.

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Double click on our Holiday Hottie Fitzness Challenge Calendar at the right and it will grow bigger so you can read it correctly. Utilize the strength training videos below to train along with me during the strength training portion of your daily workouts!