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Fitz Koehler, M.S.E.S.S

Need a speaker to get your group both physically and mentally fitter? Someone who can inspire greatness from within and for you? Internationally renowned fitness expert, Fitz Koehler, brings 20+ years of experience teaching around the globe, a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences, a truckload of passion and the masterful art of coercion to the podium. She likes to joke that she has a PhD in harassment, but the fact is … when Fitz talks, people respond! She speaks on a variety of health and fitness related topics, and can customize her message to fit your needs.

News Shoot with ESPN Sportscaster Joe Girvan

Increasing the overall fitness level of your organizations’ associates is the easiest way to increase productivity and morale while increasing your profits. Fitz is a proven speaker who leaves dramatic results in her wake. Her seminars are packed with solid information, and provide powerful tools which allow her audiences to make immediate changes to better both their lives and performance. Countless studies have proven that by improving your organization’s overall health, you will increase your profit-margin! Ridding your organization of unnecessary sick days alone will boost your earnings. Fitz is an entertaining yet potent speaker your audience can’t live (well) without!

Beyond corporate presentations, Fitz has spoken for: universities, conferences, women’s groups, police and fire departments, churches, youth groups, physicians, senior centers, hospitals, health club chains and more. Fitz serves as fitness expert for WCJB TV20 ABC News and can be hired for media events as a spokesperson. Travel accommodations must be provided. To inquire about rates and dates please email Fitzness@aol.com.

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Fitness is the Root of All Success!

Please send all inquiries to Fitzness@aol.com