More often than not, people have difficulty getting excited about cardio machines at the gym.

“They’re so boring”.
“I want to get off as soon as I get on”.
“I can’t just run on a treadmill”.

Well, ladies and gents, if there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s all about finding what works for YOU. So, lets explore some ideas to turn that 4-minute jog on the treadmill or that 5-minute elliptical experience into something longer than the drive over.

1. Download an audio book on your iPod: Let’s be honest, if your looking to conduct a long successful workout, reading a book can be challenging. Bouncing up and down like that would take me half an hour to reach page 2. Try downloading an audio book onto your iPod and listen while you’re on the machine. You’ll find yourself so focused on the book, and so unfocused on how much time has passed.

2. Bring your iPad: My friends love to knock me for bringing my iPad to the gym, but I love it. On the days I want to get a long run in, I bring my iPad and watch The Biggest Loser while running at a steady pace. The show pumps me up and I find myself not wanting to get off the treadmill until I watch the entire episode (1 hr 25 mins). Sometimes I can’t wait and find myself staying on the machine for two episodes!

3. Arrive at the gym for your favorite TV Show: My friend and I would go to the gym almost everyday around 3:40 pm, just in time for our girl Ellen Degeneres to come on at 4 pm. We would both watch it next to each other on the elliptical. I’m sure everyone thought we were loonies since we both would randomly start burst out laughing.

What time are your favorite shows on?

4. Rockin playlist: The key is an extraordinary music collection. Don’t have one? Use Pandora or ask a friend or family member to make you some CD’s. Not having great music for a workout is like not having jelly for a PB&J sandwich, it just won’t work.

5. Keep a journal: Compete with YOURSELF. After each workout jot down your time and miles. If you’re a competitive person, you’ll find yourself sprinting at the end to beat last weeks time or staying on the bike for an extra five minutes to beat your greatest mileage.

6.Change up your focus points: Instead of doing the same striding movements on the elliptical change it up. Back and forth, back and forth. Try only using your arms for two minutes. Then switch to just legs for three minutes. Maybe go back to using your arms and your legs for four minutes. Change it up again, and peddle in the opposite direction for a minute. SWITCH IT UP.