Before your workout, it often takes a while to prepare everything you need to take with you. After all, there are some essential items you’ll often need to have a good workout. But as well as the most obvious things like a good pair of sneakers, there are some other things you need to make sure you don’t forget. In fact, here are some essentials that will become your best friends during workouts.

A heart rate monitor

It’s a great idea to monitor your heart rate during any exercise. After all, if you are not pushing yourself enough, you can make a change to your workout to ensure you boost your heart rate. And keeping an eye on it can also ensure you slow down as necessary.  And while you might have a heart rate monitor on the machines at the gym, you might not have one if you were headed outdoors on a run. Therefore, you should consider getting a heart rate monitor which you can wear on your person to keep an eye on your heart rate. You might want to get a fitness watch which can double up as a timer and heart rate monitor. Or you could even get a small one which attaches to your waist.

A smart water bottle

Hydration is key to working at a strong pace without the fear of dizziness, lethargy or heat-related issues. And rather than going for a traditional bottle of water, you might consider going for a smart water bottle instead. In fact, this will become your best friend during workouts. It will measure how you much you are drinking while you are working out. And will send you notifications to a wearable device to ensure you drink up to reach your best while you exercise. You can find out more about these on sites like to see if it would work for you. And whichever water bottle you get, make sure you always take it along with you for workouts

A headband

This ability to keep your hair out of your face and sweat out of your eyes makes this idea not only fashionable, but functional. As well, headbands can also protect your skin. After all, if sweat goes on your face, there is a chance you could end up with breakouts the next day. So a headband might be your saving grace in this case. You can also check out this article for other things to fight off that post-workout breakout.

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