The EBA (Evidence Based Apparel) Gravity posture shirt looks very similar to many other athletic compression shirts on the market, but it offers much more than meets the eye. The company claims that their shirt helps improve posture and reduce chronic shoulder pain. The shirt contains patented NeuroBands along the the shoulder and spine which help align the upper body. The NeuroBands mimic the connection points of your tendons and ligaments thus providing external support; replicating your body’s own support system. They claim the shirt works by pulling the shoulder and neck into their natural positions and by compressing the shoulder joint to increase neuromuscular control.

I have personally dealt with a recurring shoulder injury over the past two years, and as a result, I am always looking for products to provide assistance. Most shoulder injuries, even those involving tears of the rotator cuff and labrum, are caused and exacerbated by poor posture. This shirt claims to be able to help correct these posture imbalances, eliminating the shoulder pain associated with them.

When something seems too good to be true it usually is. I was not expecting this product to live up to it’s claims, but after a few days of wearing it in different situations, I am a believer. From a functional standpoint, the shirt really works. I’ve worn it while sitting at my desk for the past few days and it has been a lot easier to maintain an upright position with my shoulders back and head up. The shirt doesn’t force your spine and shoulders into the proper postion, but rather it alleviates some of the muscle tension caused from sitting with proper posture. The slight pulling on your shoulder from the NeuroBands constantly reminds you to keep your back straight and shoulders back. This constant force reminding you not to slouch is just as valuable as the actual pressure created by the shirt.

The shirt is slim and lightweight enough to be warn daily as an undershirt. I found it to be a little bit warmer than a normal undershirt, but the performance fabric does a nice job of wicking sweat away. I also wore the shirt to the gym to for strength training session. The shirt helped me maintain proper form during exercises and allowed me to bench press without pain for the first time in awhile.

Overall, this shirt lived up to it’s claims and far exceeded my expectations. The $99.99 price tag might seem steep, but compared to the price of shoulder surgery or chronic pain it’s a steal!

**Shirts are available for both Men and Women.