Eagle Creek is the solution for athletic and adventure travelers looking for the right bag. If you’re a runner, triathlete, skier, dancer, hiker, cyclist, soccer player or any other type of athlete … you can finally stop hunting. At last, we have luggage which was made for stinky, sweaty, active folks like ourselves who struggle  to make all of our gear fit on the way out and then make sure none of it contaminates the “good stuff” on the way home.

For years, I’ve been searching for the right luggage to take with me as I travel across the country doing sweaty things. I need wheels.  I need water-resistance materials.  I need tons of little pockets for all of my weird sporty odds and ends. I also need enough space for my fancy clothes, high heels, make-up and curly iron. Sometimes I even need to pack a helmet and cowboy boots. Oh, and I need to make sure my bag weighs less than 50 pounds, even though I’m gone for 10 days, because if it weighs more … the airlines will charge me at least a trillion dollars to pay for that infringement.

ECOutdoorGearSeriesEagle Creek is what I’ve been look for and likely what you need. A trusted bag means more than anything when we’re traveling for adventure and athletics. Whether you need a bag with wheels, straps, or both—Eagle Creek has created a wide variety of styles, features, and functions from rolling uprights and rolling duffels, to backpacks and gear bags, to day bags and carry-ons. Some of their bags even convert from BIG BAGS to SMALL BAGS! They’ve covered just about everything, and I’m forever grateful that I’ve found them.

I’m using the 32″ Wheeled Duffel from their “Gear Warrior” Collection, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It got me through an 11 day trip to California in which I served as race announcer for two busy days at the OC Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and Kids races, spent a few busy beach/catchup days, taught a sweaty group fitness class for cast members at Disneyland, and then ran a 10K and a half marathon at Disneyland. Oh, and I stayed in four different hotels. Do you know how HARD it is to keep the sweaty nasty clothes away from the clean, fresh smelling clothes for that long? It’s traditionally REALLY hard! But, the long zip up pockets on the outside of my Gear Warrior served as the perfect outlet for damp sports bras, socks, shorts and sneakers. Oh, and the lockable zippers which seal the bag are extra strong, allowing me to easily zip up my over-stuffed bag for the return trip without ripping anything.

Eagle Creek also makes another cool creation that I’ve yet to use. They offer Pack-It Systems, which are various sized and shaped bags and containers to make packing more organized and efficient. I tend to use a bunch of Zip-Lock bags, but I imagine these clever containers would rock my traditionally organized world.

Folks, it’s hard to explain just how much better these bags are than all the others. I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars in the past on the wrong luggage, settling because I couldn’t find what I really wanted. Eagle Creek has simply thought of everything. Forget the big bulky rectangle bags our parents used to buy. This stuff was made for adventure travelers like you and I who want to go somewhere and officially DO SOMETHING! We don’t lounge. We play hard and Eagle Creek knows that. Take a look around the web site and check out the videos that accompany each bag. If I haven’t convinced you, I know they will.

**Eagle Creek provided Fitzness International LCL with one bag for review. My opinions are my own.