It’s easy to fall into an exercise rut, isn’t it? Gym rats, I’m talking to you! Next time you find yourself contemplating a trip to the f to do the same old tired workout, why not try one of these five killer ways to get your body active instead.

Sex: the ultimate heart racer and adrenaline booster is also a great calorie burner and stress reducer. This pleasurable activity is at the front of the list for a reason. Just half an hour has the ability to burn up to 200 calories. Just in case you aren’t already sold on the idea of sex as exercise and need another reason to try it – sex has the added bonus of promoting connection with your sexual partner. Need I say more?

Trail Running: a major de-stressor that gets you breathing in the fresh air. Nature is beautiful, unpredictable, and healing for not just the body but the mind and soul. Trail running is easily accessible – you can find a park almost anywhere. You never know what you may encounter on the trails, like wildlife or fellow trail goers with their domestic animals aka dogs. The mood-boosting benefits you get from being outside on a sunny day and soaking in some Vitamin D far exceed that of staying indoors at a gym. Moreover, running on the trails is more interesting than the monotony of a treadmill. You won’t be constantly checking the clock to see when your time is almost up. Time flies by as you take in all the sights and sounds and navigate the twists and turns. Which brings me to my last point: the hills mixed in with the flat makes trail running especially good for toning your lower body. You just can’t find that level of adventure at the gym.

Tennis: a fun and exciting game for all ages. Tennis is a wonderful way to get fit no matter what level you’re at and the greatest part about it is you’re never too old to pick up a racquet! It is a lifelong sport that can be competitive and social if you join a league. If competition is not your thing you can still get plenty of benefits playing for fun; it works on your coordination, footwork, cardio, and sportsmanship, just to name a few.

Cycling: a low-impact, highly enjoyable workout. Cycling strengthens muscle mass and increases flexibility, improves posture and helps rehabilitate an injury. It’s good for the environment, making it an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Biking to your destination kills two birds with one stone by getting exercise while getting to where you’re going. Anyone can learn to ride a bike and you’ll never forget!

Pick-up Basketball: all the benefits of a gym with a lot more trash talk. Get it all out of your system
and onto the court (and your opponents!). Basketball is a very physical sport that requires stamina, skill and teamwork.