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FItz Koehler Cindy Taylor Photography Exclusively for HOME Magazine

FItz Koehler
Cindy Taylor Photography Exclusively for HOME Magazine

Fitz Koehler: Speaker

Internationally renowned fitness expert, Fitz Koehler, brings over 20 years of experience teaching around the globe, a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences, a truckload of passion and the masterful art of coercion to the podium. She likes to joke that she has a PhD in harassment, but the fact is … when Fitz talks, people respond! She speaks on a variety of health and fitness related topics, and can customize her message to fit your needs.

Fitz_wordleIncreasing the overall fitness level of your organizations’ associates is the easiest way to increase productivity and morale while increasing your profits. Fitz is a proven speaker who leaves dramatic results in her wake. Her seminars are packed with solid information, and provide powerful tools, which allow her audiences to make immediate changes to better both their lives and performance. Countless studies have proven that by improving your organization’s overall health, you will increase your profit margin. Ridding your organization of unnecessary sick days alone will boost your earnings. Fitz is an entertaining, yet potent speaker your audience can’t live (well) without!

Beyond corporate presentations, Fitz has been a featured speaker for: universities, conferences, women’s groups, police and fire departments, churches, youth groups, physicians, senior centers, hospitals, health club chains and more. Fill out the short form below to inquire about booking Fitz.

Fitz Koehler

Fitz Koehler

Fitz serves as fitness expert for WCJB TV20 ABC News and can be hired for media events and as a spokesperson.



Climbing the Corporate Ladder Requires Strength
Looking to build a bigger base of leaders? Strong, healthy employees are more ambitious, energetic and productive. They take fewer sick days and make more out of their work hours. Fitz is the ultimate weapon for an organization or corporation eager to pump up its employees and inspire them to make permanent changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Her relentless energy is contagious and Fitz will both educate and inspire your group to be its best. Their new confidence, energy and productivity will lead them to the successful careers and advancements they’re working toward. Your reward will be a tenacious and dynamic organization resulting in increased sales, confident leadership, energetic producers … what more could you ask for?
*Ideal for employees who want to get ahead professionally.

Fitness is the Root of all Success
People who are fit have more energy, patience, confidence, determination and strength compared to unfit people. A healthy lifestyle based on a foundation of exercise, nutrition and stress management, allows people to improve their personal and professional relationships. Fitz makes a compelling, fact-driven case for fitness and will energetically provide your organization with the tools to understand and attain it. It’s time to take the “best foot forward” approach, even better.

Mass media often makes health seem complicated. Clear, concise, and practical information is what Fitz brings to the podium. With a cheerful voice and an inspiring attitude, Fitz will transform your group in no time! Did you know, almost all physical and emotional ailments can be prevented, managed or cured with healthy exercise and eating habits? Don’t allow ailing employees to drag your business down.
*Focused on overall wellness and healthy living.

fitz corporate fitness challenge

How to Work Workouts into your Workday
Long hours and hard labor often give employees little time to maintain a high standard of healthy living. Knowing that healthier employees are more productive and less expensive to the company, Fitz will ensure your staff knows why they should make fitness a priority and how to make it happen. Things like “Walk and Talk” meetings and 5-Minute Workouts can make a huge impact. Your group will be inspired to simply find a way to make fitness happen. This attitude and these ideas are a game-changer.
Compliment: Free access to Fitz’s 5 Minute Workouts online.

Training While Traveling
Fitness is the magic pill that keeps your employees energetic, ambitious and highly productive. Without frequent exercise and thoughtful nutrition, they’re more likely to fatigue, lose focus, and perform poorer. Fitz will teach your group the “why’s” and “how’s” of staying fit while working away from the comforts of home. She’ll offer simple steps and tricks for exercising in absolutely any environment, avoiding consistently unhealthy eating and restaurant food, and finding healthy food that they actually like. Fit, strong employees are proven to perform better in the office and on the go.

Eating to Lose
What goes in is what comes out and Fitz makes eating high quality food that tastes great, as simple as matching socks. Eating for health and weight management should be easy and uncomplicated. After learning Fitz’s K.I.S.S. philosophy on food, your organization will literally cut the fat, gain energy, and grow the confidence needed to shine as productive employees.

Custom Presentation
You tell us what your issues are and Fitz will customize a presentation geared towards the needs of your group. Hard labor? Unusually long periods of sitting or bending? Extraordinary hours? Let us know and we’ll tailor a program around your unique issues.

8 Week Corporate Fitzness Challenge
In eight involved weeks, Fitz holds your employees hands as she leads each one, step by step, to a healthy lifestyle. Your employees set their individual goals and she designs a program to fit each one’s needs. Comprehensive and effective!strength nutrition greatness

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