Nothing will put a motivated fitness fiend off a good workout. But there are plenty of things that might make regular people groan and moan a little. Everyone has suffered the odd ache, pain, and blister from working out. Sometimes, exercise can push and punish the body in unusual ways. The trouble is, once you’ve become a little sore or worse, it’s really hard to get back into your stride. Rest or serious creativity is essential in some cases of injury.

Physiotherapy can be expensive, and you often have to give up a chunk of your day get to the appointment and back. Physio may the right thing to seek out when you’re injured or strained. Everyday aches don’t usually need professional attention, but anything chronic or acute probably does . There are plenty of ways you can reduce the risk of achy muscles and joints. And there are also some really interesting ways you can relieve them when they flare up.


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Of course, it’s not just the odd ache and twinge that can be bothersome while you’re exercising. A great workout in the heat down on the beach can leave you sticky, sweaty and feeling pretty uncomfortable. Deodorants are great until you realize that you’re using them four or five times a day. Those chemicals can be a little harsh on your skin. As The Alternative Daily detailed previously, it is possible to make your own natural deodorant from ingredients you already have in your home. This may be preferable when you’re teaching classes, taking classes or you have an extra practice later in the day.

Baking soda is one of those ingredients with multiple uses for a hard workout. If you’re finding your feet are swelling up in the heat, you can cool them down in a bowl of cool water that contains just a couple of spoons of it. Elevating your feet can be a helpful alternative too. Try to keep your skin dry to avoid bacteria building up that can cause those odors that we all hate. You can also try a spritz of cold water after a warm shower to refresh your entire body.

The key to reducing aches and pains, whatever the temperature, is an effective warm up. Combined with a great cool down after your workout, your muscles and joints will be much happier. You’ll decide at some point during your workout that you’d like to push harder. If you haven’t fully prepared your body, that push could be what causes obstacles and pain later on. 

Sweaty hair never looks great, but washing it all the time can strip the scalp of essential oils. Pick a shampoo that cleanses well, but will also give your hair a pick-me-up on your off-days. Intense conditioners can replenish the hair. You might also want to choose a shampoo that nourishes your scalp, so it doesn’t dry out and flake. Tying your hair back is a great idea if your workouts leave you with strands stuck to your face. However, it’s better to use a soft headband rather than elastic ties which cause great damage.

If you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about your next workout, it’s worth spending a few minutes to figure out why. Most of us have a dip in motivation once in a while, but we can usually shrug it off and get on with it. If your blue mood costs you a workout, try to figure out where the problem lies. That way you can focus on fixing the problem. If you’re tired, you could try deep breathing exercises like the energizing breathing techniques used in Yoga. If you’re still struggling, a blast of fresh air from a vigorous walk around the block could be just the thing.  

If you’ve been stuck in the office all day, this can drain you mentally and physically. When you get home, break things up by eating your meal outside or close to the window so you can get some natural light. This will help you feel reinvigorated when you’ve been stuck under the fluorescent bulbs all day. Some people use the blue hue light bulbs or even chromotherapy lights to help feel more energized or soothed.

To enjoy a little relief from tense muscles after being stuck in a seat or working out, grab your rolling pin. Gently allow it to roll over your large muscles. This gentle depressing of the skin can help improve circulation and it also offers a light massage effect for the muscles. A rolling pin is easier because you can control it by both ends. But rolling a tin of soup or beans can offer small areas a little relief too.

If you’re working out at home, it makes sense to use the everyday things around you to ease the pressures on your body. It’s a great money-saver too!


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