45, Structural Engineer/Writer, Long Beach, CA

How much weight have you lost? 96 pounds

Tell us what the “old you” used to be like. Depressed, lonely, lazy and withdrawn.

What prompted your weight loss? The birth of my daughter, Tasha.

How did you lose the weight? Changing my eating habits and running.

How long did it take? One year total. One month to see results. One day to feel better.

What was the hardest part? Getting started.

What has been the fun part of your weight loss? Feeling good inside.

Most rewarding experience? My daughter being proud of me. 

Who/what inspires you when you feel like quitting? My daughter and my girlfriend, June, who also runs.

Finishing his first marathon, The OC Marathon, in under four hours!

How has this weight loss changed your life? I feel better every day and look better than ever before!

Have any advice for others who’d like to lose weight? Just begin and stay hungry.

Your must-have fitness equipment: My heart and legs, plus the pavement.

Favorite training song: The Chainsmokers Podcast.

Favorite healthy food: Almonds

Favorite not-so-healthy food: Ice Cream

Future goals: To qualify for the Boston Marathon.