We often talk about weight loss and how you can achieve it with a mix of scientific knowledge and healthy habits. For example, there’s Fitz’s Exact Formula for Weight Loss  based on eating the right amounts of the right foods for the size you’d like to be. However, sometimes folks simply lack commitment or habitually trash themselves emotionally, which often gets in the way of science and reality. Quite often,  the secret ingredient to weight loss is ultimately happiness (or the lack of it). If you’re unhappy with your body and you’re unhappy with what you eat, somehow you’re going to have to put a happy attitude in place in order to earn results that make your outcomes happy too!

To help illustrate the point, here are a couple of reasons why choosing happiness can help you lose the weight.

Source: Pexels

Diets never work out

Even hearing the word “diet” can make people cringe. There are so many terrible diets out there, with so many failing gimmicks that it can blow your mind with all the tricks and tips that people advertise. Spending tons of money to suffer in misery is not the key to weight loss or overall joy. Instead of constantly eating things that you can’t even stomach, why not look for alternatives?  There are TONS of healthy foods most people like. The key is, to start with the ones that you already enjoy and add-on as you find more. 

Find exercise that works for you

Stressing yourself out at the gym might make you feel like you’re losing weight and doing a good job, but how long can you really sustain it? The people who go to the gym every day for the rest of their do so because they’ve found exercises they found enjoyable. You should also find options you think are fun to maintain the commitment. Whether it’s wearing a pair of the best running shorts during your morning run or finding a partner to help keep you motivated at the gym, prioritizing enjoyment is almost as important as function. Forcing yourself to do workouts you loath, will likely lead to quitting. Instead, be creative, branch out and keep trying options until something feels right. 

At the end of the day, if you learn to love the food that gets you to your ideal weight while enjoying the exercises that keep your body strong, flexible and with great endurance … you’ll be able to integrate fitness as a wonderful part of your life.