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When it comes to our health and fitness, we always want the easy way out. If it were possible, most of us would choose to have a perfect body at the snap of a finger rather than putting in the hard work that it takes to transform your physique. The problem is that weight loss and good health do not happen magically. Yet, it is possible to transform your body without the long hours in the gym. The exact formula you need for weight loss has already been spelled out for you, so here are 5 more ways to change your health without exercise:

1. Focus on your food
I know that it seems obvious to improve your diet when you are trying to lose weight. Rather than changing what you are eating, change how your eat it. Even if you are having an extremely busy day, take 15 minutes to step away from your work to concentrate on your food. Instead of spending your time eating at your computer or in the car, enjoy your lunch break and take a few minutes to yourself, as you eliminate distractions. Memory is a vital part to controlling your appetite, and eating with distractions means that your brain isn’t focused on the calories you are taking in.

2. Improve your sleeping habits
According to Men’s Health UK, scientists have previously shown that lack of sleep reduces your levels of leptin – one of the two hormones responsible for regulating your metabolism. The result of not getting enough rest means an inevitable lack of energy, an increase to your appetite and a higher retention of fat. Get enough sleep to not only keep your metabolism on track, but to also improve your mood for the upcoming day.

3. Be active, how and when you want
Exercise doesn’t always mean to go spend long hours in the gym. Sometimes all you need is 10 minutes walking your dog or playing outside with your children. Stay active, as long as it is on your terms. Going to the beach makes you happy? Take a walk down the shoreline to put your toes in the sand. Some activity, even if it is only for a few minutes each day, is better than nothing.

4. Don’t eliminate the bad, add in the good
Rather than completely depriving your body of sugar or your favorite snack, start by adding something good into your diet. Drink more water, or add in a side of vegetables to the meal that you already had planned. By adding healthy food in slowly, they will begin to replace the guilty pleasures rather than cutting them off cold turkey.

5. Breathe
It seems strange that something we do every minute of every day can help you to lose weight. Train your body to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This allows your stomach to expand, and as you exhale, your stomach comes in. Through this method of breathing, you are actively using your core as you contract and relax your abdominals. Burn more calories by changing something that is second nature.