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ColgateIn health and fitness, strength is something all too often ignored. Most folks are aiming for weight loss or to accomplish an impressive cardio goal like running a half marathon. However, I truly believe that strength training is the fountain of youth. A strong body is not only curvy in all the right places and powerful, but a strong body is a resilient one which is far less prone to pain and injury than a weak one. I preach this on a daily basis. Resiliency is vital because we only get one body and the stronger it is … the more likely it is to serve us well throughout our life. The same can be said for our teeth. Fortunately unlike our bodies, we get two sets of teeth: baby and adult. However, those adult teeth come in pretty early in life and require the same kind of attention the rest of our body does. In fact, I think it requires more.
Colgate enamel healthSee, we can get away with strength training our muscles and bones several times a week while still seeing progress. Our teeth, on the other hand, require attention several times a day. Of course, we must floss and brush. But brushing with the right products could be the difference between having a strong set of chompers that go the distance, and one that does not. I’ve been using Colgate Enamel Health Mineral Repair Toothpaste for a week or so now, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m quite picky in the toothpaste department as I don’t love unusual flavors and my teeth are quite sensitive. This product tastes great and I’m excited about the long-term possibilities of strengthening my enamel. Colgate Enamel Health Mineral Repair Toothpaste helps absorb essential minerals, such as natural calcium, for stronger, healthier enamel. Just like my muscles and bones, I want my teeth to be strong.
LColgate enamel healthook, when it comes to feeling great – a stronger body always feels better than a weaker one. When it comes to looking fabulous, a strong body always looks better than a weaker one. These statements are pretty much no-brainers. Weak enamel can lead to pain, tooth decay and possibly even tooth loss. Dental work is expensive and hurts like heck – says me! As your fitness expert, I implore you to take care of your body from the inside out. Whether we’re talking about your muscles, your bones, your skin, your hair or your teeth. In my not so humble opinion, strength in all categories wins! Check out Colgate Enamel Health Mineral Repair Toothpaste to learn more.


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