So for whatever reason, you can’t go to the gym. This may be because of the location, finances, time, or interest. Some people aren’t up for a workout with others surrounded by mirrors – which is fineLuckily for you, you can bring all the benefits of a gym to the comfort of your own home. There are many different machines and equipment on the market that you can buy and get fit with. If you aren’t too sure what they are and what they do, here’s a few examples of what’s on offer.


If you’re not one for the outdoors, or the weather conditions are too much to deal with, then getting a treadmill can save you all of the trouble while giving you a great run around.

Running is a brilliant form of cardio that gets the heart rate up and the blood pumping, which actually carries oxygen to your muscles. As well as burning fat, it engages your core (as long as you allow it to!)  It can even improve the way you walk because you will be more aware of your posture.

Exercise bike

Cycling is great for mobility, especially if you have any problems with your joints. It also builds up strength over time in your legs, and burns calories as you go. Some people find that sitting on the saddle can get slightly uncomfortable over time though, and this is where looking for the best recumbent exercise bike comes in handy. A recumbent bike works the same way any other bike would, but it is built especially to support your bum and back a lot better because your weight is distributed over a larger surface area reducing any strain put on your lower back.


If you want to focus on getting a brazilian butt lift, then a stairmill will give you just that. Known for giving your lower body one hell of a workout, you can expect your hips, butt, and legs to feel the burn – and that’s exactly what we want.

The act of climbing stairs builds up your endurance and strength, all while engaging that core because you have to balance your weight somehow. Also, because it’s a low-impact exercise, that means that you can go as long and as hard as you want without having to worry about causing yourself an injury.

So as you can see with just a few examples, different equipment targets different areas of your body, so decide on what areas you would like to work on from home, and then you can have more of an idea of what you want to look for.

Just remember that variety is key, so don’t stick to one thing all the time; otherwise you will just get bored, mentally and physically, and your body will eventually stop working as hard.