The Brazilian Butt Lift is the newest workout program from BeachBody, the creators of the popular Insanity series. The program features trainer Leandro Carvalho and combines strengthening exercises into fun and interesting cardio routines. There are tons of workout videos out there that promise to get you in shape, but this one is different. The focus of this program is on building a better butt, and it delivers.

I didn’t find the workouts very taxing from a conditioning perspective, but the exercise combinations did an excellent job at targeting the various muscles in the glutes and hips. For someone who is just starting to get in shape these workout videos are a great option. The pace of the programs is fast enough to offer cardio benefits for beginners, and the focus on core, glute, and hip strengthening will help develop the strength needed to move forward with more advanced fitness plans.

The program comes with 3 DVD’s which each have a separate focus. One is cardio based hip and butt movements, another focuses on strengthening, and the final one focuses more on the core. In addition to the DVD set, the program also contains some fairly useful literature. If you’re unfamiliar with the musculature of the hips and butt, the pamphlet provides a concise and informative outline. It illustrates the location and function of each muscle and explains how the various moves will target them.

I’m sure most of the men out there aren’t real keen on doing a “Brazilian Butt Lift” program which is mostly marketed towards women looking for a firmer and leaner rear end.  But I think this series also provides benefits beyond cosmetic improvement. The exercises target muscles that are overlooked, even in most weight lifting routines. The motions in the program teach you how to activate and use each muscle in your hips and glutes. I’ve noticed improvements in my squat and dead-lift, as well as mobility in my hips and lower back.

The scantily clad models and upbeat Zumba style soundtrack might come on as gimmicky, but this program delivers. If you’re a woman looking to tone up your rear end for bikini season, or just seeking a fun way to blast your legs and glutes then the Brazilian Butt Lift is for you.