Eager to get fit without having to go anywhere or pay for a gym membership? Setting up a home gym might be a fantastic idea for you. Let’s find out!

Is it right for you?

Should you have space, you will have the flexibility to workout whenever it suits you. As an added bonus, you won’t need to compete with other sweaty individuals over the equipment. However, you won’t have the social company to help you get through your fitness routine, so training at home may not be for you if you thrive on the encouragement of others. Of course, you could always spend time at home and in the gym for your workout sessions, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t mix your fitness regime up a little.

Your budget is another important consideration, though you don’t need to spend a fortune. Begin with the basics, such as a pull-up bar and a set of weights, and let your home gym build up over time. You can buy equipment second-hand from places such as eBay and the classified ads, so don’t assume everything has to be brand new.

Where to start

If a home gym is right for you, it’s time to start creating the perfect space. Some people convert their garage into a gym, but you may have a spare room that is adequate for your needs. Alternatively, a corner of your bedroom may suffice if you are only planning on buying a few things, or an outdoor space such as your patio, if you don’t mind foregoing your privacy.

You don’t want to rush into an exercise routine, so you need to pace yourself. Follow our beginner’s guide to fitness to prepare you for your workout plan. Then buy the equipment you know you are going to use. Buying an exercise bike is a worthy purchase, but not if you’re only going to use it as a place to hang your towel.

Must-have items

In smaller spaces, an exercise ball is a fun and versatile piece of equipment that can be used for whole-body exercises, strengthening your muscles and building your balance. Resistance bands are an absolute must too!  A jump rope is fantastic for  cardio training and is an effective way of torching calories. Mix your workout up with a variety of dumbbells or an exchangeable set of dumbbells, which can be adjusted in weight to target your muscle strength.

In a larger space, you could add a bench or a power rack if you intend to use barbell’s, and you may enjoy the benefits of a treadmill or rowing machine. 

Over to you

Do further research online, and if a home gym is right for you, create a space you will enjoy working out in.