“She looks amazing! I would love to have her body!” Whatever people think about celebrities, you can’t deny that many of them are in shape. And, not in a “model walking the catwalk” kind of way. Jennifer Lawrence has curves she flaunts, and she looks fabulous. Kim K isn’t exactly a size zero either. The temptation is to see these people and think that you can’t recreate their success. After all, they’re rich, famous and fancy and maybe you think you’re ordinary. The truth is that even celebs are basic, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

These are the simple, non-glamorous hacks they use to stay fit.

Everything In Moderation

Let’s not mention the D-word because we love our food too much. Still, even though diets are DUMB, we must watch what we put in our mouth. While the Exact Formula for Weight Loss is the perfect plan, Drew Barrymore agrees that moderation is the key to success. Speaking to a British newspaper, she was quoted as saying “… you should eat less of everything.” It’s not an easy goal to achieve, yet it isn’t impossible either with tricks such as small plates. That way, the portion sizes seem bigger and you don’t feel like as if you are missing out.

Substance Over Style

Working out isn’t always a process that people enjoy. The idea of slogging on a treadmill for an hour often sends shivers down the spine. Still, it’s an essential part of life because we need to burn those calories, while making our hearts and lungs healthy. Aside from choosing activities which are fun, Amanda Seyfried likes to keep things comfortable. Rather than put her body through the ringer, she takes it easy with a 30-minute run (not that runs are easy!) After all, sticking to a strict regime isn’t relaxing. Making sure you feel good in what you wear while working out goes a long way too. Wearing Biopods performance insoles and moisture-wicking materials can go a long way. Otherwise, rashes and blisters will make staying at home very tempting.


Miranda Kerr is Victoria’s Secret flagship model and her body is the envy of women around the world. So, it may surprise you that her simple tip is to sneak in a treat every now and again. In her words, she uses the 80-20 model, where 80% of what she eats is healthy and the rest is junk. Because the math adds up, Miranda is a mother-of-one with the bod of a 25-year-old. Judging by how looks, it must work! Within your caloric budget, enjoying a few treats hear and there boosts morale and maintains a routine. Remember, perfect is boring! Just continue striving to do BETTER and you’ll continue to BE better!


Chase The Kids

This option isn’t available to everyone, but those who have the opportunity should grab it with both hands. Children are relentless and their energy never seems to end. So, chasing them around the house or going to the park are two ways to stay fit. Yes, they are tiring and infuriating at times, but their cheeky smiles makes up for everything. And if you want to kill stick with the quality time with family theme, a night between the sheets with your partner is a raunchy choice too!

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