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I know that bunny butts look super cute on … err … bunnies, but I’d like to remind you that they simply don’t look as sweet and charming on a human. No one wants to have people to refer to their back side as “fluffy and bulbous”. Just a quick mention that those adorable little chocolate bunnies come at a price. Sure, you may have already spent $3.99 on one, but if you dig in to that bunny butt, followed by the bunny thighs and belly … you may start to resemble Peter Cottontail more than you prefer! Did you know that even some of the smallest hollow bunnies pack at least 500 calories? It’s true! And a seven ounce solid bunny will cost you 1050 calories – ouch! A 140 pound woman would have to jog about seven miles to burn that off. It’d be wise to dump that $3.99 worth of cheap chocolate in the trash and cough it up as only one poor decision (buying) instead of two (buying and eating).

Instead of digging in to a basket full of bad stuff this Easter, go for a jog, head to church, have a healthy lunch with the family and spend the rest of your day having some active fun. Peter’s cottontail is only cute on him, not you!