Us guys don’t always hit the gym to just get in a workout and get out. No we definitely go for other reasons, and act like working out is why we’re really there. To us, the gym is more than just a place to exercise, it’s our escape. It’s the place where bromances are fostered, where we check out gorgeous women, search for love, zone out and so much more.


 1. Tight shorts!!!           8661132062_ba400eba36_z

2. Getting new numbers


3. Joining random classes to just meet new women    


4. Getting to show off in front of our friends

weights-79587_640 (1)

5. Feel macho lifting heavy things


6. Bonding with our Bromances  


7. Getting to stare at this…


8. Getting to express anger at our workouts and not anyone else!  


What’s your non-fitness-related reason for going to the gym?