For years, we’ve been going to the gym to get fitter, socialize, and escape from our lives. But there are some things we sometimes can’t escape. That’s right, members with gross habits. You may have them, you may be the victim of them or both. So if you discover you are an offender, take the time to re-evaluate and change your ways. If you’re the victim, print this article out and leave it in their gym bag, on their treadmill or under the windshield of their car!

  1. Passing gas in yoga class (or anywhere else!)
  2. Walking barefoot in locker room.
  3. Blow drying your crotch in the hand dryer.
  4. Not wiping your sweat off of equipment when you finish.
  5. Leaving your towels on the floor.
  6. Not throwing away your fallen hair after showering.
  7. Showering barefoot.
  8. Brushing your hair or beard in hot tub.
  9. Smacking your gum loudly, like a cow, while training.
  10. Yelling at yourself.
  11. Spitting and missing the trashcan.
  12. Sitting naked on locker room benches.
  13. Grooming without cleaning up your hair or nail clippings.
  14. itchy-balls-jock-itch-athlete-skin-sprayPeeing in the pool or hot tub.
  15. Picking your nose and then touching a weights.
  16. Picking your sweaty wedgie.
  17. Not wearing underwear. Yes, we can see what’s going on in their without them.Scratching your balls .
  18. Not putting on deodorant.
  19. Wearing TOO MUCH cologne or perfume.
  20. Re-wearing dirty smelly workout clothes.

Hopefully YOU aren’t an offender, but if you happen to have one of these gross habits. But if you are, remember that awareness is the first step to fixing any problem!

What habits do YOU find disgusting at the gym?