Kimberly Markey, 44, Connecticut, Marketing Manager

What inspired you to start doing races?

Oprah inspired me to run a marathon. She allowed me to believe a mere mortal could run a marathon if you trained and gave it your all. However, I didn’t actually register for one until I found the Walt Disney World Marathon. The lure of running through all four of the theme parks got me through the training and pushed me to the start.

Do you walk, run or run/walk, swim, cycle, do obstacles?
I run/walk and have completed a couple of sprint triathlons.

What distances do you do?

5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, full marathons, duathlons, and sprint triathlons.

066How many have you done?
I have done over 160 races since 2008.

What do you feel is your greatest race accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment is having my children run as well. My daughter is a member of her cross-country and track teams. Meanwhile, my son runs 5Ks with me.
Favorite race and why?

Walt Disney World Marathon. It was my first marathon and I will continue to run it each year.

Do you travel for races?

Does your race schedule become expensive? How do you afford to make it happen?
Yes. I travel with friends, use my timeshare, and use hotel reward programs in order to afford them.

Must-have gear on race day:
Shoes. I’ve forgotten them on three occasions.

1471953_10202495933942741_694538573_n (1)Weirdest place you’ve ever chafed:
I have chafed on my tummy in the shape of a square. I blame our #TinkTroopers costumes.

Do you prefer to run in warm weather or cold weather?
I prefer to run when the temperature is in the 40’s. Is that cold or just right?

Favorite pre-race meal/snack:
Chilled medium-rare steak.
Weirdest/funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a race:

Women dropping trou out in the open at a race start.


12400502_10208442516043577_7397480884356453867_nWorst experience during a race:
I blew out my TFL and I literally heard it pop at mile six of a half marathon. I ran to mile eight where I withdrew from the race.

Most awesome moment you’ve ever had at a race:
Crossing the finish line of the inaugural Dopey Challenge a week after completing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Your favorite part of participating in races:
I love being a part of the running community within Connecticut, in the 169 Club and Team HMF, and nationally with Team Chocolate and Team Mickey Milers.

Do you wear costumes? If so, what’s been your favorite?
Only at RunDisney events. I honestly don’t have a favorite. They all have been special.

11390313_10206939119819611_8591224175912788882_n (1)
How important are awesome medals to you?

Medals used to be important to me, but I now realize medals mean much more when you’ve trained hard to accomplish a goal.

Best medal you’ve earned so far:
My 2013 Disneyland 5K plastic medallion because I earned it exactly 30 days post-op a bi-lateral mastectomy. I ran with my family.

Do you prefer to run alone or with a buddy?
I prefer to run with my dog, Jetta.

Favorite song on your playlist:
I don’t listen to music when I run.

Who is your race hero and why? 11138515_10206551106719526_1932715692821572542_n Team Hoyt. Dick & Rick Hoyt are my heroes. Whenever I believe I can’t, I remember their Ironman story and Dick’s words, “Yes you can. You can do anything you want to do as long as you make up your mind. You can do it.”

What is the top race on your bucket list?
Ironman Kona

What has been the best physical side effect of your participation in races?
The best side effect has been being able to avoid depression. Also, it helps me tolerate chemotherapy.

Your advice for others who might be intimidated by signing up for a race:
The hardest part is signing up and committing to the race.