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Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers taste great, come in a variety of flavors and are low in fat. The brand makes tons of gluten-free products and they’re available everywhere from Walmart to Sam’s Club to Whole Foods. Cool beans.

Popcorn Indiana offers a slew of sweet and salty snacks that taste like chips … without the grease or gluten. The Original Kettlecorn, Wasabi Popcorn, and White Cheddar chip’ins are to die for.

Wild Garden Hummus Dip is pure genius. The hummus is delish and it’s available in individual packaging which doesn’t require refrigeration. Throwing this and some gluten-free cracker snacks in your bag for a busy day offers a perfect opportunity for a healthy snack on the go.

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bug Bites are small enough for me to suggest without feeling like a bad fitness pro. runDisney gave each Princess Half Marathon participant one of these after the race and I assure you, it was the first thing I ate. Delicious, gluten-free and full of antioxidants. Go ahead and have a Bug Bite once in a while. I won’t look!

Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert Bar: With only 85 calories per chocolate coated bar, these treats are a yummy, protein packed delight. My 7 year old son bit in to a vanilla bar and declared “these are better than Shamu pops!” You’d know what a high compliment this is, if you’ve ever visited Sea World.