The Wiggles have landed back in the USA for their Apples and Bananas tour and they’re better than ever. The new crew is lead by the original hunky blue Wiggle Anthony Field and the muscle-tastic Captain Feathersword, and rocks a spunky fun version of musical talent and comedy not seen before. Getting some rest and relaxation in Australia are retired founding Wiggles, Jeff Fatt, Murray Cook and Greg Page. Taking their place to entertain children around the world are Lachy Gillespie, Emma Watkins and Simon Pryce.

As many of you know, I’ve been working with The Wiggles annually since 2007. They’ve always delivered brilliant performances, and I was happy to introduce you to the “Wiggles in Training” last year before they officially took over the red, purple and yellow shirts. You can see that video interview here.

I headed to Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday September 6th to both interview the entire Wiggles cast and see them perform together for the first time. My first time, not theirs. My kids Ginger 11, Parker 9 and I had a blast. These new Wiggles perform as a unit with no specific lead singer. They ALL have fantastic voices (yes, including YOU Anthony) and they giggle through the show because they’re truly having fun. Because of this, we giggled through the show too. No, I take that back. We BELLY LAUGHED through the show. Sure, the show was designed to delight preschoolers, but what seems to keep The Wiggles themselves really happy is their completely sarcastic, self-deprecating sense of humor and their willingness to do anything for a laugh or a smile. This makes it an awesome two hours for the adults in the crowd, and even the bigger “little kids” like mine who could almost be too cool for The Wiggles. Not a chance. Every child, parent, aunt, uncle and grandparent had an awesome time and everyone went home wishing they could Wiggle some more.

I normally talk pure fitness with The Wiggles, but decided to delve in to their little lives a bit more with this interview. You’ll find out their worst habits, the best parts of their jobs, what they do when insomnia strikes, who’s the crankiest, who snores the loudest on the tour bus, who can twerk, who their favorite fitness expert is and more. We even do a bit of dancing and singing along the way. **Click here to find out where The Wiggles are touring near you!

Anthony, Paddy, Lachy, Emma and Simon. As always, I appreciate you sharing your time and look forward to seeing you again soon. You’re the best of the best in so many ways and I’m so grateful you do what you do. Hurry back!

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