Are you tired of your scrawny physique? The good news is that building muscle is all about working hard and sticking to a plan. If you do the following, results will come. 

Start Building Muscle at Home

If you are  self-conscious about unsure of hitting a public gym – start at home!  You can lay the foundation of your workouts and start to build muscle with some degree of privacy. You can easily buy things like weights, bands and a pull up bar. These tools are perfect for both beginners and people who are extremely advanced. 

Find Some Inspiration

Why do you actually want to build muscle? That’s something that you will have to find an answer to because having some kind of inspiration provides you with motivation.  If you just want to build some muscle because you think it would be cool, you’re probably the kind of person most likely to give up. Building muscle is not only great for looking curvy and strong, it will make you more powerful, resilient and pain-free! Who doesn’t want that?

Workout Alongside a Partner in the Same Position as You

Working out becomes a lot easier when you have someone alongside you going through exactly the same thing. Training with a buddy will keep you entertained, engaged and obligated to show up.   It can also add a competitive edge to the way in which you work out. Competitive in the way that inspires you to keep up. Ego can be a good thing!

Know When to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

You will only make real progress and see real results when you start to leave your comfort zone. This is one of the toughest aspects of building muscle. Even if you think that you’re doing enough pull-ups or lifting enough, you can always do more. Doing what you can already do easily will never lead to improvement. If you never stop pushing yourself, you will always continue to see results. 

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