Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice – Official Photo

Gal Gadot, the amazing Wonder Woman in the recent film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” isn’t your stereotypical actress. In 2004, she won the title of Miss Israel and represented her country in the Miss Universe pageant. During this same time, Gadot joined the Israeli Defense Forces, which is a requirement for all Israeli men and women at the age of 18. She was trained in weapons and combat, which probably helped her not only land the role of Wonder Woman, but stay in shape for the role as well.

Believe it or not, Gadot was invited to the same elite gym as her costar Henry Cavill. Mark Twight pushed her to her limit through workouts ranging from jujitsu to kung fu. Luckily, she loves working out. Due to her being a dancer for 12 years, she’s very into pilates and weight training. If she doesn’t have a gym, she does what most of us do: improvises! Gadot will use whatever is in the room she is staying in in order to stay fit everyday.

Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice - Official Photo

Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice – Official Photo

Being the former Miss Israel really helped Gadot for her role as Wonder Woman. Do you know why? Because she didn’t have to change her eating habits. She is a huge proponent of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Eating healthy has been something she has always done to stay fit since she was younger. Her key is to drink lots of water and eat vegetables. Simple as that.

Going from pageant queen to soldier to Wonder Woman must have not been easy, but she has done it with grace and poise. Not to mention, Gadot is also a full time mother with a four year old daughter. She truly is Wonder Woman.