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6 Elite Ab Exercises with a Sexy Celeb!

Protect your iPhone or Blackberry with an Otterbox: $50 Giveaway

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Otterbox.comIf you’re an active person with an iPhone or Blackberry, you probably can’t even remember how many times you’ve dropped that thing or sent it sailing in a really scary direction. Fit people are like that. Clumsy? No! On the go, go go? Yes! That’s where the Otterbox comes in. The Otterbox is a second skin for your fancy phone that keeps it from scratches, dents and worse. It fits like a glove and is far more likely to save you the expense and misery of replacing your favorite electronic device than anything else on the market.

The Otterbox would, of course, make an ideal gift for anyone on your list with either of these phones, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one too! Use the comment section to tell us what celebrity’s number you’d like to get your hands on and one of you lucky beasts will win a $50 gift certificate towards the Otterbox of your choice! What’dya waiting for? Comment! Comment! And when you’re done, check them out at  View More

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