There are five really great reasons to be incredibly skinny. I think you’ll agree with these.

  • You are a contortionist¬†who needs to wrap your legs in a loop-de-loop around your neck.¬†
  • You’re in jail and want to avoid all the effort it takes to create a master escape plan and just slide out through the bars of your cell.
  • You want to hide behind small palm trees.
  • You are part of an ice skating team with some dude spinning you around over his head.
  • You are starring in a movie in which your character was lost at sea and has been stranded on an island for a long time.

Yep. These are the best reasons I can think of. Skinny or trim (which is the word I prefer) is fine if that’s what you naturally are, as long as the term suits you in a healthy way. But “skinny” is not something I would hope people would strive for. Healthy and fit are far more important concerns than “skinny.”

Think about your life and get real about your legitimate need to be “skinny.” I imagine many of you don’t even care about that, but I know there are some of you who do. Your life probably requires you to be: thoughtful, energetic, determined, caring, generous, ethical, studious, cautious, healthy and fit. Being someone referred to as¬†“skinny” rarely plays a vital role in success or happiness. Unless of course, you need to hide behind small palm trees.

Can you think of any more VITAL reasons to be skinny, skinny, skinny? Share in the comment section. We can’t wait to hear your ideas.